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Why do people get weird about calling a neutered male cat "it?"?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) June 15th, 2010

Isn’t it more correct than calling it a “him?”

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Uhm, it’s still a male, it just doesn’t have testicles anymore.

If we cut your balls off, you’d still be a boy, right?

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Just because the animal is castrated doesn’t make it neither male nor female. It still has the genetic makeup of a male, just no gonads.

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If I chop off your testicles, are you no longer male?

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people are getting weird because it’s a weird thing to do. take my vag away and i’m still a girl.
simple as that. the cat is still a male. just a sad, sexless male.

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Even though we revoked my male cat’s license to drive,he is still a male ;)

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Do you have a cat you call “it”?

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Their choice. I find it pointless to determine a cat’s gender this way.

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It’s called humor.

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Because an animal is not an it.

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If a man gets a vasectomy he’s still a man.

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A neutered man.

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Usually because the person referring to the cat as an “it’ is trying to get their audience’s goat by implying the cat is now “less” than normal.

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It’s called a gelding, or a gelded cat. (I believe)

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So stupid!


People take offense? lol

The cat was born a male and, like others have said…just because it has been neutered does not change that fact.

That’s like saying a woman that has a mastectomy is no longer a woman.

Breasts don’t make a woman and balls don’t make a cat. haha

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Ya but why are you all getting weird?

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I’ve never seen anyone get weirded out by calling an animal it.
Are animals really gendered anyways? I thought that was more of a human trait.

I call animals “it” all the time and no one seemed to be offended. I was just corrected by what it’s name was. (See I just did it)

When it comes to calling infants ‘it’ that’s when I’ve found people to get offended.

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@HoneyBee Animals are hes & shes just like people. I find it offensive. Things are it’s, not animals.

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I will refer to anything as an “it” if I am unsure of gender. Cats, dogs, squirrels – even humans. Personally, I would prefer people refer to my cat or dog as “it” instead of “she”. About the only time I get touchy about gender is when, during the course of a conversation, somebody continuously refers to my animal as female when I’ve made a point of saying “he” or “his”. Most other people I know don’t get touchy about their animal’s gender – they will make the gender correction and move on with their life.

At this point, if you feel the need to ask why people get “weird”, you have probably made an ass of yourself in such a manner that people feel the need to correct you forcefully. Either that, or you have a really weak definition of the word “weird.”

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What @wyrenyth said. I’m guessing that the weird person in the scenario is you. You probably kept insisting on the word “it” even after someone or someones corrected you and instead of just admitting to error you came here hoping for vindication.

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@Draconess25-Sorry to have offended you but I really enjoy offending people some times. I mean, somebody’s gotta do it!
While I agree that animals have different anatomies, they could also be considered things since the word thing has more than one meaning and I don’t see why you’re making a big thing about it.

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@HoneyBee I disagree, but I’m not getting into this again today. Simply put: I view animals as superior to humans.

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@Draconess25 – Getting into what again today? I never asked you for your view on animals and you called me out on it.

A word to the wise – Don’t dish out what you can’t chew.

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I don’t necessarily find any one thing superior to anything else. Do I generally prefer the company of my animals to the company of people? Certainly. But that does not make them superior, nor does it make people the superior ones.

Trying to make anything superior in that manner is an attitude that has gotten this society into its present current troubles, as pendulums have swung to extremes and attitudes have gotten out of control. Saying that animals are superior to humans speaks to me of a PETA attitude, and I’m not much gobsmacked by anything that comes out of that particularly extremist corner.

Can’t we all just get along and be on the same level playing field? Must someone always be better or best?

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