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I need to know if this girl likes me, does she?

Asked by galenmarek888 (30points) June 15th, 2010

There is this girl at school who dated my best friend and makes funny jokes. I like her… I wonder if she likes me. At school, she looks at me, but I think it was probably because I look hideous. She always talks to my friends whenever I am nearby, which makes me extremely nervous. She is the only girl I’ve ever liked. We sometimes stare at each other, but only because I think she catches me looking at her. My friend told him she likes me on, but does it sound like she does?

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Only way to be sure is to let her know how you feel. From your description it looks like she likes you, all you have to do now is be confident and let her know how you feel. Confidence in yourself gives you the winning edge in everything…even in dating girls.

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Are you the boy in the other question from the girl asking if a boy likes her?

Chances are from the behavior that you describe that she likes you. To find out for sure, why not ask her to have coffee or a soda?

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When you see her looking at her, why not give her a smile. Stand next to her, join in the conversation, and see if it is you she is directing her conversation towards.
If you become confident enough she is sending out the right signals, then ask her out. Good luck

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If she is the only girl you have ever liked, you’ll regret not asking her out or talking to her if you don’t make the move. Chances are she won’t wait around forever and will move on if she is attracted to you. Take it slow, talk to her, ask her to hang out in a group setting and take things from there.

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My high school provided the students with a directory of student numbers and addresses. If you find yourself in possession of similar resources, call her and invite her someplace, and go from there.

* takes a drink *

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@Nullo we have that, but people will think you’re wierd if you use it…

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@galenmarek888 Would it be any less awkward to get the same information from her friend?

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