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Where's the weirdest place you've left your phone?

Asked by lexiilectric (82points) June 15th, 2010

Haha! Just a random question. Lemme know where the funniest/weirdest place you’ve lost your phone. (:

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That’s pretty gross… Lol.

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@Vunessuh Could you expand on the a little? I am at a loss to imagine how such a thing could occur

I put mine in the refrigerator once.

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My lap. It doesn’t sound weird, but the circumstances were….

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Vunessuh’s butt.

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The fridge. I leave it there so often, it’s stupid.

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hehe. sounds like phones really like fridges.
I’ve left mine there many times before, too.

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I’ve never left my phone anywhere, which I think is pretty weird.

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Nowhere, because it doesn’t exist.
Actually, there is a theory in quantum physics that nothing really exists, and is just the result of our perception.

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In a boot. It happened while I had been cleaning out my closets.

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It wasn’t weird exactly but I left my phone in the bed of my pick up. I was on my way to Connecticut to visit a friend whose new apartment I had never been to and I got lost and it was late and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was sure I had with me but couldn’t find it anywhere; and I was so frantic to get in touch with my friend to find out where I was going and let him know I was late but on my way but I didn’t have his number because it’s on my cell phone (!!!) that I ended up stopping at a Radio Shack and buying a 20$ “disposable” phone just so I could call my own phone, and there it was, in the back of the bed of the pick up with several voice messages on it from my friend wondering where the hell I was.

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In a loaf of bread.

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Yes, @pearls In a loaf of bread? Please, don’t let us wonder how that happened.

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Vunessah’s butt in Yarnlady’s ‘fridge. I eventually found it and it still smells like a buttsicle.

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At the bottom of the Indian River.

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@ChazMaz Which Indian River? What state?

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Not really weird, but I left my phone at Pizza Hut earlier this evening. I realized it while I was at the store after eating dinner and went straight back to get it.

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@lillycoyote hahahaha! Wonder! You’re funny! My phone is sitting next to @Blackberry.‘s I keep calling it because it’s set to vibrate and I owe @Vunessuh a smile or two!

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At the bottom of a super sized drink cup. Dammit.

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@Trillian Then I guess it must have been homemade banana bread or something like that and the phone just fell into the batter. You’d really have to make an effort to get your phone into a loaf of Wonder Bread. And @Blackberry must be really enjoying the good vibrations. Is that a phone in his pocket or is just glad to see you? :)

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@lillycoyote No honey, they’re both lodged in @Vunessuh‘s backside!

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In the washing machine?!?!?!?!(Not me, a friend of mine.)

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@Trillian @Vunesah must have a personal proctologist, on call. Good for her. More people should. :)

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In my jeans pocket while they were in the washer. I went to grab my phone to see why I hadn’t heard from it lately I text like a 14 year old girl and then it hit me that it had been in my pocket. I was totally bummed.

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I find it incredibly rude that all of you think you can stick stuff up my butt without taking me out to dinner first. You mofo’s too cheap for the 99 cent menu at Jack in the Crack?
Damn. Some people have no class…

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@lillycoyote – Florida. East coast. Sebastian Inlet.

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@lillycoyote @Draconess25 My grandaughter, who was three at the time, put it in there. The problem was I had it turned off so I couldn’t get anyne to call it to try and locate it. It was the next day before I was able to locate it.

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@pearls Did you actually bake it? And did it still work?

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