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How to highlight your black hair with lemon juice?what colour will your hair become afterwards?and can you bleach your nails using a lemon too?

Asked by asor (25points) June 15th, 2010

highlighting hair. bleaching nails.using lemon.

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Your hair probably won’t lighten much at all from lemon juice. This works best on hair that is naturally light, and really only if you intend to sit out in the sun. Even then the results are minimal. You should really have your hair professionally highlighted if you’ve never had highlights before.

To lighten your nails, try dipping a q-tip in some hydrogen peroxide (most people have it in their medicine cabinet), and running it under the edge of your fingernail a few times. Repeat until your nails are the desired lightness.

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There used to be a spray in hair lightener called Sun-in which did not lighten my brown hair much so I don’t think you’ll have luck with lemon juice. I tried to lighten the hair on my legs with lemon juice when I was a kid. So the bottoms of my legs had no tan but the hair was as dark as ever!!! And I have bleached my nails with lemon jce- when they were yellow after wearing polish for a long time.

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No I don’t think lemon juice would have much effect on black hair, but it will work on your nails.

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For the love of God please just buy some regular hair bleach.
It doesn’t cost more then 15 bucks and its WAY safer for your hair.
I’ve been dying/bleaching/cutting since Ive been 14 years old so I know a thing or two.

Not to sure on the nails though.

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Personal experience – lemon juice is way too strong to use on your nails. Try it on just one – dip your finger in the lemon for a minute, then feel your nail. It’ll be all spongy and gross. Don’t do it. A better, and less strong, acid/bleach for fingernails is actually milk. It’s a good “chemical peel” for your face, too. Don’t leave it on facial skin for more than five minutes.

As far as your hair – dark hair doesn’t do much with lemon. Heck, it hardly does anything with my naturally blonde hair, except make it crunchy. Which is not pretty. At all. Chamomile+sunlight is better for lighting blonde hair. For dark hair the best thing to do is also the simplest – go outside! The sun will naturally, safely, and gently highlight your dark hair by bringing out the natural differences in your hair. My husband’s hair turns blonder. My friend’s hair turns redder. It’s really cool.

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I have very dark brown hair, and it’s really hard to lighten it unless you use bleach or get it done professionally. It’s a lot easier to tint your hair at home. If you buy a red or auburn dye and use it on your hair without bleaching, it will turn a nice warm mahogany color.

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Careful with the lemon juice and Sun-In. Orange hair? Not attractive. I’d go with the peroxide on the nails, lemon juice is (as previously mentioned) way too strong.

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