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Does anyone have good boy cat stories?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) June 16th, 2010

I’m getting a kitten on Sunday. Right now I live with my boyfriend and a 2 year female cat. I’m getting the kitten because my cat is lonely and enjoys playing with other cats and I think she’d mother a kitten well.

I’m hoping to get a tiny kitten, 8 weeks old, for her. I’ve always been told that boy cats will mark their territory so my family has always avoided boy cats. These kittens will be neutered, if that helps. I live in an apartment, so I can’t handle getting a cat that will pee.

Can anyone convince me that it’s all rubbish and that boy cats can be trained to use the litter box reliably at a young age?

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I have a male and female cat. The female cat is more likely to make a mess in the house than the male. I think all cats have a natural instinct to prefer to use the litter box since it mimics most closely what they would find outside in the wild (dirt). You just have to make sure to clean it well between uses as cats are sensitive to bad smells and will not want to use a smelly litter box. If a cat pees on carpet, not to worry, just get this. Soak carpet liberally with this stuff, rub it in, and poof the smell and stain are gone for good. It is a miracle worker!!! It works for removing other stains as well.

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Tomcats are great! The females I’ve had over the years are just deviant crabby sly little bitches… got one now, but the lovers are Tom’s.

OK you asked for a Tomcat story, and seeing as how you live in an apartment, this may apply to you (if there is a swimming pool).

Fresh out of HS in my first apartment, I used to have a Silver Persian Tom that went with me everywhere. My friends and I would sneak into the pool after hours and light it up. Sly (the Tom), loved hanging out with the gang, so of course he was there with us. Well, one night a bird flew into the swimming pool and couldn’t get out of the water. He flapped and flapped his wings to no avail. He was stuck in the deep end.

We were all trying to figure a way to get the bird to safety without going swimming. We were just there to party, and that’s all. As we attempted to shovel the bird out of the water with the skimmer net, Sly decides to jump out onto the end of the pole. He’s hanging on for dear life but unfortunately his bottom half is now underwater.

What to do? So we skimmed up the bird in the net, with Sly hanging on less than a foot away from it, still half underwater. Got them both to safety and obviously set them apart from one another. Setting the bird off into the brush, we noticed something odd about Sly. The chlorine in the pool had tinted his fur pink. No lie, from the middle of his body down to the end of his tail, he was now bright pink in color. He stayed like that, half silver, half pink, until the day he died.

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Nearly all of my cats have been male, and have been much friendlier and easy to deal with than their female counterparts.

I mean, I’m also a damn fine cat owner, but, still.

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I took in a stray male cat about a year and half ago. He is an absolute sweetheart.. took to his box immediately, never had an accident anywhere else in the house. He never ever sprays, just sits there and looks cute :)

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My Jacquito never marked any territory. Of course he almost never used a cat box either; he had a cat door. But when either Jack or Jill was sick I closed the cat door and pulled out a litter box. Even though they rarely used it, they used it perfectly. They were feral kittens, captured at 6–7 weeks and I got them at 8 weeks. [Jack was caught about a week before his sister Jill] They were trained between capture at 6–7 weeks and my getting them at 8 weeks. I did have them use it at first until they were big enough to go out the cat door. Jilly is 11 now. Jacky was 9 when I lost him.

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We had several cats when I was a kid, some male and some female. The only cat we had a problem with not using the litter box was female.

I’m sure you can find an inexpensive cat care book that will give tips on how to avoid problems with male cats spraying to mark their territory or not using the litter box. There can be various reasons for a cat to not use the litter box.

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Getting them neutered ASAP is essential to optimal litter training. We had a male cat that (for various reasons) was not neutered until later than usual, and he retained his “marking” habits well into adulthood. (Once, he even sprayed into an electric plug and shorted out half the house.) While I suppose this isn’t the kind of story you’re looking for, it might be considered a reminder to prove your point (that boys can be good) by making sure he gets that snip. That way, he has less of a chance of making a liar out of you. ;)

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I too much prefer male cats. My current boy, Owen, is a lynx-point Siamese and he has become a big love the older he has gotten. No litterbox training issues ever.

Not sure if you want male cat stories or just house-breaking stories, but I can’t resist.

When I was in my early 20s, I lived in a tall skinny house with two roommates. One of them was my GF and she had a black cat named La Cage. We played in a band and were not home many Saturday nights until late. One Sunday morning we woke up to a heavy smoke smell only to learn that the Baptist church nearby was having a big outdoor pancake breakfast and lunch picnic so all the grills were going.

It wasn’t a week later that we woke up to the smell of smoke again. I disregarded it because of the picnic the prior week. La Cage kept pestering me and I pushed him away. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and went over to my GF and clawed her face and bit her ear, most assuredly waking her up. She woke me up in a panic—our house was on fire.

We were all able to get out of the burning house and to get the pets out as well. La Cage saved our lives!

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My male is a fanatical when it comes to covering up his business in the litter box. He’s as neat as a pin. He cuddles a lot, and often times he’s a tumor on my right hip.

Boy cats are awesome.

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Thanks everyone, that’s a big help. My had a boy cat before meeting my mom that was neutered as a kitten and he freaked out when my dad started living with my mom. He’d spray on anything of my dad’s to mark him and was generally really hateful of my mom. So my parents haven’t recovered from that.

But a friend of mine has good boy cats, so I was hoping it was just my parents having a crazy cat. I heard the boy cats are much more loveable and I’m hoping to get a boy to balance out my snooty (though sometimes loveable) girl cat.

@lilikoi I bet that stuff smells better than white vinegar. I’ll look into it. At the moment, the only sure fire way to permanently get rid of the smell is white vinegar, but then you have the white vinegar smell for a long time.

I don’t care if people continue posting. Everyone loves a good cat story. :D

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my boy cat is the one who uses the liter box consistently .. my girl was the bitchy one who peed on the carpet constantly, no matter what. now, in my new apartment, she finally uses the liter box but still goes #2 outside of it. My boy is MUCH easier and they’re from the same breeder, and are the same age.

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I actually prefer the females of all species, but currently have one boy cat. (He is my baby boy and I love him.) He was neutered at 8 weeks and he never sprayed until the wife and I moved to a house where there were a lot of stray cats around. I was so shocked when he first did it because he had never done it before and he was over 6 years old. Well, it took several months to break him of the habit, but he no longer sprays. So, even if he does begin to spray, it’s not like you can’t do anything about it.

Consider getting a cat closer to 12 weeks than 8 weeks. The two will be closer in size and there will less chance of the kitten getting seriously hurt if your current cat does not take to him too well.

If you live in L.A., I have a sweet female kitten available.

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All the Boys I’ve had have been a lot more affectionate than the females. Cuddles <———- is my favorite lap kitteh. he mostly sleeps, but has recently developed a habit of pooping in a particular spot in the basement. I can’t punish him unless I catch him in the act (he’s not very bright) I think he is punishing me for playing with the neighbors baby golden’s. Too big a dog for me. I get the best of both worlds. Play with puppies. Watch TV with lapkitteh.

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Taken a few moments ago. Cuddly boy cat. I’m sitting at the dining room table with my laptop on said table. My boy jumped up on my lap, put his paws up on the table, then proceeded to fall asleep, putting his head and half of his body on the table (and my laptop).

You gotta love kittehs!

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I have my first neutered male cat after a number of female cats. He has very good manners in the litterbox department, and he’s a sweetie. He’s more vocal than the girls and he’s a little more assertive, like jumping on me in the morning when he’s hungry, but no problems to speak of. He’s very affectionate, and he’ll come over and head butt you if he wants to be petted.

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My baby boy chick was much more loving, much more needy, and at the same time much more foolhardy than his sister. Walkin’ up to me stiff legged and tail quivering to lick my face off, cuddling to sleep in the crook of my arm, but climbing on roofs he couldn’t get down from, getting in holes he couldn’t get out of, and making cat friends all over the neighborhood. JackyJilly

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@tinyfaery Sorry, I’m actually out in Arizona. :D

ah, the cutenesses!

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I have had cats all my life, and I have never had a boy cat miss the litter box, but I have had girl cats mess on the floor. I have even had perfectly trained girl cats just get a wild hair up their butt and decide not to use the box anymore! I prefer boy cats all around – I just like their personality better.

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