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How, oh HOW can I housebreak my new dog?

Asked by goose756 (655points) June 16th, 2010

I got a dog this past weekend, she is about 1 and ½ years old. The place we got her from kept her outside most of the day and let her sleep inside at night so she was pretty much able to go to the bathroom whenever she needed.

As of Saturday night she was now at our house. She didn’t pee for 2 days, and when she finally did it was after we had stepped out for a moment and she peed all over the kitchen. The next morning I took her to the park and she DID poop in the park, it was awesome and I made it a point to tell her just how awesome it was.

Today, she pooped just a tiny tiny bit in the house and my girlfriend took her outside and she pooped outside again.. poop inside was gross but at least she finished her duty outside. Tonight however, I took her out for a good hour. Nothing was happening so we came back home, she started to walk around the apartment like crazy and whined a little so I took her back outside for another 20–30 minutes. Still nothing. Came back inside and in less than 5 minutes she peed in the living room.


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You need to develop a routine with her. After you feed her take her for a walk, begin saying a keyword as she is doing her business. i use “quick quick” on my dogs and they know when i say this they need to do their business. When you have to leave the house, confine her to one room lined with newspaper. Gradually, scale back the newspaper until it is only a sheet or two in the corner and she will know that if you aren’t home, then to use the paper.

But mainly, it is routine. She will get there.

Good luck!

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With our dogs we put newspaper in the kitchen, and put them on the paper as soon as they had eaten. I kept them there and as @FishGutsDale says, give them a keyword, and gradually they will understand what you are saying to them.
We then gradually moved the newspaper towards the patio doors, until they were actually at the door, again putting the dog on the paper and giving the comand.
Lastly, we put the newspaper outside, fed the dog and put her on the newspaper. She had become used to the comand to do her poo on the paper by this time.
Then we just got rid of the paper and she went to the patio door, let us know she wanted to go out, and did what she had to outside.
It does take time and patience as your dog has been used to a different routine Try not to shout at the dog, he/she is still learning. Good luck

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Since she is already a year old I would suggest giving her time and a routine. Dogs are pretty good with routine times to go. Especially early in the morning. Once she gets use to going out to poo first thing in the morning she will learn to hold it till later. Every time she poos out side be sure to give her a treat when she gets home. Tell her she is a good girl and when she gets in tell her good girl again and give her a treat. I have a pee pad always out for my dog in the bathroom just in case. Sometimes I have to go out for long hours and have no one to walk him. And he can use it in the middle in the night. If you are going to leave her at home for long hours than you may want to consider a pee pad until she gets use to holding it for walks. Then do as @partyparty suggest and gradually move the pee pad out. Give her a treat when she uses the pee pad. I still point to my dogs pee on the pad and say, pee and follow it with Good Boy. So when I take him out and I’m in a hurry, I tell him pee over and over till I think he is empty. He knows to pee on command now. As for the poo, he is really regular and goes first thing every morning. I don’t have to tell him to do that. Only pee because he can waste a lot of time sniffing.

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Crate training is the best way to house train a dog, seeing how they will not go to the bathroom where they sleep. Just put them in a crate, oh and don’t feel bad doing it they actually don’t mind crates as they are by nature den animals and look at their crate as their den. Put the dog in the crate before you go to bed and then when you wake up take it outside imediately and then do the same thing throughout the day a few times. Just make sure to take it imediately outside after you bring him/her out of the crate. The dog will begin to realize that outside is for bathroom purposes and after a couple weeks it will then go to the door and let you know it needs to go potty. My aunt bred dobermans for 20 years and this was her tried and true method of potty training her dogs.

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@Pandora Yes routine always works. Good idea giving them a treat. Forgot to put that in my answer. :-)

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The only advice I can give are puppy pads and to take the pup out frequently, its good for you and the pup and when it has to go you’ll start to notice that when you grab the leash they get all excited. As far as the puppy pads go, if you go to Walmart you should be able to buy about 50 for 10 dollars. It does help a whole lot.

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Yes, routine is the key as mentioned above! Everyday, take her/him to the same place….repetition is the key! And, lot of love!!!!!!!

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Also, in addition to routine, hang bells on the door knob, and as you take the dog out, take the dog’s nose and jingle the bells. This method has worked for every person that I know who has tried it, for all sizes of dogs, from Great Danes to daschunds.

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