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Guy advice :)

Asked by bkinibotombabe91 (18points) March 17th, 2008

Best way to get attention at a party?? :)
What do guys look for??

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figured that one haha

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flirting is a plus. Maybe a lil wink too.

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ass grabbing, flashy outfit, dirty dancing, and you could try and flirt with the guest of honor, that usually puts you out there

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Well nobody ever misses the girl who gets too drunk too fast. But that’s not a recommendation.

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sexuality + sexual maturity = hot

I would define sexual maturity as drawing sexual attention with your conversation skills and cool likability.


And be the girl who wants Marti Grass beeds; don’t be stuck up!

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you gotta dance girl

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be yourself that’s what people want. If people don’t like you then that’s their problem. SIKE, get wasted. But really don’t drink and drive, not cool.

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flash some skin

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What are you hoping to accomplish? The set of behaviors that will land a guy in your bed for the night is not the same as the set of behaviors that will attract a guy worth dating.

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@cwilbur. those are not mutually exclusive…

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@VoodooLogic: they’re not, but there’s not a whole lot of overlap.

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I don’t agree with most of what these guys said. Except for cwilbur. I’d also suggest you just give a sexy smile.

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don’t be too stuck up but don’t be a slut either. you have to find a balance. flirting is always fun. and making out is pretty much the same as long as you actually want to make out with the guy, not because you’re too wasted to remember doing so in the morning.
just be approachable. and if you see someone you like go over and say hi to him yourself. this is the 21st century.. girls are allowed to be gutsy too.

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I agree with dpena2009. Some of those things would make me not want to approach the girl. I guess I’m different. I’m the one night stand type.

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^I’m NOT the one night stand type…. dammit

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