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Any recommendations for good free online games?time management games are preferred.thanks!

Asked by asor (25points) June 16th, 2010

free online games time management

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You should try
I know I know it sounds stupid but they actually have some pretty hard time management games.

You could always try the McDonald’s game, that one is mighty hard to master!

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I like You can play each game for free twice (I can usually get through most of them in that amount of time). They have several variations on Farm Frenzy, there are a number of Build-a-Lot games (I am doing the Elizabethan version now). They have games for all ages and many of them are hidden object or time management games.

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There are places where you can find flash games that stay free forever.
Armor Games is one of the big names. I’m addicted to Exit Path and have had a lot of fun with Pixel Legions and Age of War.

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Plenty available for free members.

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Omgpop has a lot of multiplayer games, with more being added all the time. It’s worth a try if you enjoy playing against other people.

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I’ve been playing Evony for about a week now. It’s a cross between Sim City and Risk. You build up a small city from a barren field. Then, once you’re big enough to amass a small army of your own citizens, you can declare war against other players and try to conquer their cities (of course, they’re trying to conquer yours too).

Now, it’s not entirely fair, however. The game is free to play, but you can buy game resources with real money, to speed up your city’s growth, food to feed your citizens, and raw materials to fashion weapons and armor for your army. That’s not entirely fair, IMO, but I guess they have to make money somehow…

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