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What will the next big update on the iPhone be?

Asked by saigaku (7points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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The next new iphone update will contain many things. For one it will contain push email. For two there will be an applacation on the iPhone call the ” App Store” , this will enable users to by apps directly from there iPhone that have been created by third party developers but are through iTunes. It will contain all sorts of thing such as a picture app that you can squeeze someones face and make it smaller, or such as aim which is a very resourcefull app , and there will be games that only use the accelometer ” this can change the gameimg life” , an example of one game that Steve Jobs said will be released is super monkey ball which is very cool on the iPhone . For more information there is a movie on that shows all of these. Your Welcome!

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Another baby monkey has lost its tail…

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app store!!!!! :-D

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