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What (brand) dog food would you recommend for a senior dog?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 16th, 2010

I have an almost 13 year old “pup”. I have him on Summit now, but, the vet suggests that I put him on a low protein diet (to prevent kidney disease).

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Any of the high quality dog foods have senior formulations and are good foods, although I’ve moved away from Science Diet and more toward Royal Canin for improved palatability.

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Thanks, @syz. =)

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I feed my dog home-cooked. (I transitioned from raw to cooked.)

Before I made my own food, I used Blue Buffalo- all the ingredients are human grade, and it’s a high quality food. If for whatever reason I needed to use commercial, that would be it.

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I found this. We’ll make the switch.

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My senior border collie, after all these years of eating Pedigree, has decided that he did not like Pedigree, anymore. so now, he receivers Alpo in the regular formula. he has only had the regular formula Pedigree and Alpo and is still smart as ever. i see no reason to change his food, unless he writes me a note and tells me so. i will then pass out.

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@jjmah Good choice, I’ve fed Royal Canin to my dog since he was a puppy and it’s been really great.

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I’ve always been a fan of Royal Canin or Techni-Cal for my guys, old and young.

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