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Is using a puppy picture on an apology letter cheating?

Asked by IsthmusCrypticus (162points) June 16th, 2010

Well, i cant remember exactly what i did, but a little while ago i did make a friend of mine upset while at work. And i felt really bad about doing it, so i thought ill send her an apology email (wasnt able to get up and so it as work in a call center). But along with the apology, i attached a picture of a cute little dog doing the puppy dog eye sorta pose (my display picture), and low and behold it worked, haha. However, i just got called a cheater for it, haha. So i now present the question to you all; do you all think that attaching the puppy picture to my apology letter cheating?

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Emotional manipulation, perhaps, but isn’t that kind of what we’re trying to do with an apology?

(That’s not to say that sincere apologies aren’t a true representation of our regret – but then, there are apologies, and there are apologies.)

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How could anyone not forgive someone for using that puppy picture in an apology letter?

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@janbb haha, exactly. Thats what i figured as well. My apology letter goes to a new level of apology by using an adorable puppy. Its a no fail tactic

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Ha! I still say you’re a cheater. GQ

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If it was sincere, then it was ok.

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Not if you were sincerely apologetic.

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Not if you really were sorry. The cute puppy would help things along though, and at least you thought about attaching a puppy to the email!

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Yeah, i should probably clarify this. It was a sincere apology. I didnt like knowing something i did made my friend feel the way she did. My intentions were to show i didnt mean to cause her harm at all.

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@IsthmusCrypticus I was being more whimsical than serious in calling you a cheater. I’m just a big softie when it comes to puppies and babies.

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What was the cheating?

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I hope not because I’ve done the same thing myself.

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been said, the key is being sincere!

very cute puppy! i would sure forgive you!

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The puppy looks apologetic, too! Nah, I don’t think it was cheating.

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It’s a shameless abuse of the “cute” factor. Any picture that inspires one immediately to say “Awwwwww” is ruled by the judges as unfair manipulation of emotions. But since the rules are broken for just about every conceivable issue under the sun, I see no reason to eschew any help you can get in breaking down walls that have been thrown up between friends. Go for it!

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I forgive you and you didn’t even do anything to me! I’m a sucker for cute puppy pics.

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Puppies and babies – the quintessential symbols of exploitation when used in advertisements.
When used in personal mail, they are no different than Pretty Please With Sugar On It in other words, just another way to communicate the whole point.

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What about kittens?

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definitely not…..puppies make everything better

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<——-Is there any other way to apologize?

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<——Only this one @Kayak8 :-)

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It’s fantastic that you apologized! All’s fair in love, war and apologies! Kudos and puppy eyes to you!
How do you guys do those arrow things….. ——————-> NEVERMIND!!!

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@Adirondackwannabe haha, yeah i know. I didnt take it to be a serious comment anyway. Your not the first to make that claim about me, and when you mentioned i though, “hmmm, happned again . . . and im on a question asker forum thingy – might as well throw it out there”. I only wrote that last thing to clear it up with a few others that were writing if it was sincere, and i felt i just needed to clarify that aspect because i didnt cover that in the main post

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Results are in . . . I WASNT CHEATING!!!! haha

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@IsthmusCrypticus I can’t believe I got my ass kicked by a puppy. :)) That was kind of fun. Happy fluthering!

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@Adirondackwannabe My puppy can kick ass, too. She bosses around dogs three times her size. :-)

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@IsthmusCrypticus No it was a cross breed. Jack Russell and Saint Bernard.

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