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What is an appropriate way to deal with/avoid office "cake" events?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4920points) June 16th, 2010

Our office has a cake every time someone has a birthday, or is leaving, or getting married, or if the salespeople make their numbers, etc etc. I don’t like cake and icing makes me gag, but if I don’t participate in these events I’m afraid I’ll be blackballed. What would you do?

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Um… don’t eat any? Just a thought! : D

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Politely take a piece back to your office with the excuse that you have a lot of work to do.

Once there, box it up and mail it to me.

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The only way you can fix this situation is to become the person responsible for arranging the celebrations. If buying the ‘treat’ is up to you, then you can introduce alternatives to cake: ice cream cake, cheesecake, whatever. If you’re not willing to volunteer your services for that, then you need to just suck it up and don’t rain on everyone else’s parade.

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You can still go and congratulate the person. You don’t have to actually eat the cake.

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I’m still dumbstruck and astonished by the notion that there can exist people who don’t like cake.

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Could you tell them politely that you are watching your blood sugar and would rather not partake of the sweet offerings? You are not telling them you are diabetic or anything, just that you are watching your blood sugar. Really, who among us is not watching their blood sugar?

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Why lie about it at all, though? Just say you don’t like cake. Sincerity to the rescue.

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my husband hates cake, too. He’s a weirdo.

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Participate in the celebration and just tell them that you don’t like cake.

@Fyrius and @Seek_Kolinahr My husband hates cake too. So, we have brownies for his birthday instead of cake.

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My mind is blown.

Also, in before the small talk gets modded.

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Eat the cake and carry a barff bag. you have to work and live with these people.

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You could occasionally offer to bring in a treat that you do like. Either in addition to the cake, or as another option altogether. It’ll keep you in good graces and you’ll get enjoy something you actually like once in a while. Brownies? Cookies? Pie? Punch? Punch and Pie? Apples? Popcorn? Twizzlers? Rice Krispy treats?

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@Fyrius I understand your point, but if @GeorgeGee is concerned about being blackballed, giving a valid reason for not wanting to eat the cake is apt to keep that from happening. Besides, is it really lying if he really does like to limit his sugar intake and keep his blood sugar in check?

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You will only be blackballed if you use the words “cake makes me gag.”

Store-bought cake is easy to pass on; “No, thank you, I’m not a big cake eater” usually suffices. If someone makes the cake from scratch, preface the “No thank you” with “Looks delicious” and ask the baker about their recipe. Keep some fruit at your desk, and when everyone gathers to socialize over the cake, eat an apple or banana.

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Hm. Okay.

“Besides, is it really lying if he really does like to limit his sugar intake and keep his blood sugar in check?”
Haha. Yes, yes it is. It’s not his real reason.

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I like pie much better than cake!

If you encounter one of those nogudniks who are always trying to impose their will on people, you know the type: “Oh, c’mon, have a slice. C’mon. Aw, c’mon! What’s wrong with you? Have a piece of cake, it won’t kill you!” just be firm, but calm. “No, thank you.” is your friend. Said politely and repeatedly, you will prevail. You owe no one an explanation for your actions or tastes in food.

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Bring in alcohol instead. Get all Mad Men and show them what style, class, and panache are all about.

Anyone doesn’t drink along with you gets blackballed.

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@Fyrius ok, I’ll go along with you saying that it is a lie. That being said, I would call it a white lie that really hurts no one and keeps him from feeling blackballed.

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@syz-I am with you on that suggestion, if you don’t like something than do something to make a change for the better.

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Fair enough. I agree.

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Just bring some home!
Bring a lunch box or a container and secretly keep them.
You can give them to someone else..

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I seriously doubt if you will be blackballed.
But the question is what would I do…This is what I would do.
I would take a small piece of cake (it is cake after all, and not dog shit), eat a really small bite and then put it down someplace and keep partying. If anybody asks, I would say “I had some cake and it was great! And now I am stuffed!”

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@Seaofclouds and @Seek_Kolinahr My husband doesn’t like cake either. He’s really strange though, because he does like cupcakes. Makes no sense.

I used to work with a girl who couldn’t stand chocolate. Whenever we had a birthday or other event, we’d make sure to get a treat that didn’t have chocolate in it, and at some point we all got addicted to cannoli from a nearby Italian deli/bakery. Maybe if you introduce some other delicacy that is easy for everyone to pick up, it will take the place of cake. Maybe you can suggest to people when the next birthday or event is approaching that it would be an unexpected surprise to serve something other than cake. Other than that, you don’t have to be unsocial when declining the cake. You can participate in the celebration, wish people well, and be friendly, but still politely say “No thank you” to the cake.

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Participate, congratulate the person and take a little back to your desk. You can dump it when no one is looking. You have to work with these people.

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If you have the cajones, try taking an imaginary piece and really enjoy it. You’ll have to own the room to pull it off, but I bet it will get you through with no hard feelings. Just remember that people are susceptible to suggestion. If you insist on the reality of the moment, people are likely to give you a pass and move on.

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Take the cake, set it in front of you and in no time someone will ask you if you are going to eat that or not and hand it off to them. Problem solved plus you made a new friend for life!

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Do you really think anyone cares if you don’t eat cake? We did the cake thing at my old job and many people didn’t actually eat the cake. We had a vegan who never ate anything, and if we had any kind of dairy dessert like cheesecake or ice cream, I never ate it. Just hang out and talk while the others eat the cake. I think you might be making too much out of this.

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@GeorgeGee I don’t like cake either. Except of course for chocolate cake and carrot cake. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate cake and carrot cake?

I’m more of a pie guy myself.

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I don’t like cake either. What I used to do is say “I don’t like cake – who wants my piece?” and everybody loved me.

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Just don’t eat the GD cake. Easy.

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I don’t know if anyone else said this but just say you are allergic to cake, the end.Then because of that bring your own tasty food yum :D

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@kevbo you totally rock! I love your answer the best!

P.S. I know mods, remove this if you must, but I could not let that response go unpraised and it deserved more than just lurve!

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At work, the bosses will bring donuts to meetings.
I stopped eating donuts about 6 years ago, trying to be good about my diet, and watching weight gain.
Now, when I go to a meeting, I still grab a donut, but I don’t eat it. I simply put it in a napkin, and put it in my pocket, till I can throw it away. I do this because I know if a lot of people don’t take a donut, the boss will stop getting them, and those that eat them will be unhappy.

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I don’t get it…why would you be black balled for not eating cake? Let them eat cake! urgh!

I can see it if you’re in an office full of overweight people, and they might feel like you’re trying to “tell them something” by not eating it…is that the case?

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I WISH I had cake parties..I am self employed..have to buy my own cake.
But, a small price to pay to stay out of the office scene. lol

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Is it about the cake or the event itself? I always hated those events, and hated them most of all when it was my turn in the hot seat. But I went for the sake of harmony. When I was on a strict diet, I brought along some fruit for myself, and no one forced cake on me. One time I brought a large bowl of grapes and shared it with everyone.

A coworker who was in O.A. simply passed the cake along when it was handed to her. When pressed, she explained that she never ate anything at all between meals (and she didn’t). She socialized, though, and that’s the part that counted.

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