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How often do you fluther vs. fluther drunk?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 16th, 2010

Just ignore my typos and honesty for the next few hours. Thanks.

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Drunk = Sleeping

So never.

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337 v 0

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Is that the Holland score? I can’t see my eyes are blurry @rebbel

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They are actually days.
Saturday, Holland v Japan: 3 – 1

By the way, today, Switzerland v Spain: 1 – 0

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Oh baby.

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I’ve never actually asked or answered any questions on Fluther while drunk, but I have sent Lucille some redonkulous drunk PMs before.

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I rarely get drunk, heck it’s been a long time so I would say never. I have had some really fun times here with a martini or two coursing through my veins.

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I haven’t…yet ;)

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I have fluthered after having a drink or two.
I worry about my punctuation, spelling and grammar when I’m not inebriated, but when I am, I don’t give a flying fig.

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@Vunessuh -Your singing voice is incredible! :O

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I always fluther drunk…. (it makes it easy to explain all the crap I type if I stick to this story)

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I can see from my profile the answer is 1043 vs 0.

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Am with worriedguy, it’s easy 1k vs 0. Now for example….............drunk baby :-)

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Me? Never.~

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Not good to druther while flunk.

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I don’t get drunk that often, but I have Fluthered a few times inebriated. Like now. And like a few nights ago, when I kept having to fix massive fumble-fingered typos, which let me know just how drunk I was.

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I’ve done it quite often. It’s depressing because people seem to like and accept me more when I’m drunk than when I’m sober.

But what me worry, the only time I’m not drunk is when I have a hangover.

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I can’t seem to remember if I’ve ever Fluthered drunk. I tend to be out with friends when I’m drunk and not around a computer, so it rarely happens. It would be fun, though… ;)

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Gimmie another beer.

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I haven’t fluthered while drunk yet, but tonight might just end up being the first time for it. I’ve had a crappy day and really could use a few drinks.

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I haven’t even had a drink i at least four or five years. I never could stand the taste of any alcohol, so I have to be in a specific frame of mind to actually be able to knock a few back…

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Free Quent Lee enjoy drunk fluther….maybe 30% of the time. Late nights and weekends most often.

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Yes I do!




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I was sleeping if I’m drunk. It would be rare anyway.

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Let’s just say, less than always and more than never.

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I can honestly say…I have never fluthered drunk. I’m really boring.

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I’ve done it and usually flinch at what I’ve written later. I have a tendency toward self-pity when intoxicated.

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