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I am having trouble studying for a Latin trimester exam that is tommorow?

Asked by flip193 (208points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

can someone please give me any ideas on how to study for this Latin exam

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study ≠ cram

First off, I wish you the best. Prepare a cheat sheet – put only the most important things on there or those you cannot remember on your own. Study it, rewrite it, refine it. Write really small for efficiency.

By the time you finish and have the perfect cheat sheet, throw it away. You will have learned most of it by the time you finish. Do not use the cheat sheet in class – it should not leave your dorm.

Second: Study everyday. Cramming is for losers :)

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What level Latin?

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See private comment. Use this as a learning experience as squirbel advises. Or, fall on your sword (j/k) or drop the course.

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Well, quit screwing around on Fluther for starters…

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Falling on your sword is a very Roman thing to do. Your professor might appreciate that. Just make sure that you have no other alternatives, lest you find yourself in Antony’s situation after Actium.

Studying vocabulary: use each word in a sentence, or think of a sentence from your reading that uses that word, to remind yourself of the meaning. Write down the whole declension of nouns and adjectives, or the whole declension of verbs, and read them over to yourself; if you only remember two of the cases, or two of the forms in two different tenses or moods that’s still enough for you to remember what declension or conjugation the word is.

Studying grammar: chant inflections. I still remember -bo, -bis, -bit, -bimis, -bitis, -bunt as one that stuck with me even after I’d internalized a lot of the other grammar. Every time you learn a new grammatical construction, write a few sentences that use it.

This isn’t something you can cram. This is probably a learning experience. I hope your grade can recover.

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