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Which bag should I bring to the DC Law School Forum?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) June 16th, 2010

I have three options which all have pros and cons. Which one do you think is the best option for me?

Option A: a small roll-y carry-on bag
pros – won’t wrinkle my suit, easy to carry the tons of paper materials I will be getting
cons – nerdy as hell, may be hard to maneuver down the aisles

Option B: a backpack
pros – comfortably distributes weight of paper materials
cons – may wrinkle suit, hard to put on and remove at each table

Option C: a large tote bag
pros- classy looking, easy to slip papers in and out of bag
cons – weight of papers solely falls on one shoulder

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I would go with the most comfortable and easiest to maneuver. That would be A. No one will be noticing your bag choices. Look your best, be your sharpest and concern yourself with the forum. And law students and faculty don’t dwell on “nerdy,” whatever you may mean by that.

Now, if this were a Star Trek Conference, that would be a different story.

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I go for the roll-along bag too, but then I shop at L.L. Bean so I’m a comfort-freak!

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I vote for A, too. You’re going into the law profession, not the fashion industry.

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I also would go with option A. And if you want to keep any papers you get at the conference, look into having the hotel you are staying in mail/Fedex them for you. If you have to pay extra for baggage, it may also be cheaper as well as easier.

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Looks like an overwhelming vote for option A.

@WestRiverrat I’m coming in by train from NYC, and I’m staying at a friend’s house, so getting the papers home won’t be a hassle, it’s just the carrying them around while there that will be. That’s a good idea for future reference though!

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A seems like the smartest choice.

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I would go with C, but I tend to favor fashion looking good over being functional. This seems like a place where you would want to make a good impression, so a classy looking tote isn’t a bad idea… unless it’ll get so heavy that you have to struggle with it.

I definitely would not bring a backpack. Backpacks are for school kids and campers

If you do go with A, the rolly case, you should at least spruce it up by tying a pretty scarf or something.

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@cthulette: Have you ever hung out with a bunch of law school students? Save the fashion statement for the OP’s first job (after she graduates, passes the bar, and gets a good job).

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I so agree with Gail and all the others who suggested the rolley tote.

Why on earth would you want/need to impress other law students ?

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Sorry Flutherites, I actually did end up going with option C. @cthulette is right: I needed to impress the AdComm people manning the desks. These forums are basically informal interviews.

Option C, it turns out, would have been the least functional of the three options, as there were so many people, it would’ve been impossible to make it down the aisles. They’ve also apparently lightened the pamphlets they give out since the last forum I went to.

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@bezdomnaya: I did not understand that the forums are basically informal interviews;

However, you did choose option C, and Option C would have been the least functional…?

Did you mean that option A was the least functional.

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@gailcalled Yes, you are indeed right! I meant that option A would have been less practical. Thank you.

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@Objection sustained. Glad that the trip was a success.

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