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What does ML stand for?

Asked by fightfightfight (601points) June 16th, 2010

I was reading my friend’s text messages the other night and she said something like “man, oh man, if she wasn’t coming over tonight, we could ‘ML.’ I asked my sister what it meant but she got all weird about it and didn’t tell me, so it just made me more curious. I know I shouldn’t have been nosey in the first place but.

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Make love? Would that be in the right context of the conversation?

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@chyna thanks…that’s kind of embarressing, i can’t believe i didn’t recognize that…..i don’t really understand a lot of abbreviations.

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In my business it refers to malolactic fermentation; the process by which malic acid is converted to lactic acid.
But I doubt your friend or sister was making wine. Lol.

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In my reenacting, ML is either a muzzle loading rifle, or a mountain lion. I don’t think either of them apply in this case.

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And in my biz, it is modern languages.

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Make linguine? Is she Italian??

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Mama Leonie’s
– Which is my FAVORITE restaurant <3

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Clothing store?

Just kidding – I know you have the answer – welcome to fluther kiddo!

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@ everyone your are all great for giving such brief but possible connections. I wanted to let everyone know that your sharing enlightens me all the time. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves here.

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major league

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Model Lingerie??

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money laundering

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Machine language. I guess they were hoping to program those old Atari and Commodore computers.

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You are right, there are so many possiblilities. In what context was it or will it be used? Maybe this can narrow it down or help to give a more precise answer.

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