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How do I get the Widget Icon back on the Dock?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) March 17th, 2008

Mac 10.4.11 – I can easily retrieve the Widget window from Spotlight but have lost the Dock icon. “Help” is not very helpful. Any ideas?

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you need to open up your “applications” folder, locate the “dashboard” allocation and drag the icon into your dock

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Thank you. It worked on first try. Any tricks for remembering this? I have been roaming around and learning lots of shortcuts, but wasn’t able to find your solution. G

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the great thing about mac is most of it is based off of a “drag and drop” system. So basicaly if your in doubt as to what to do, try dragging junk around the screen. It will ether do nothing or do something. A good place to actualy go for a vast amount of he common, non-programming, related shortcuts is the mac support fourms. If you want more detailed short cuts google “mac key-board shortcuts” that should bring you to a web site detailing nearly everything you can do in mac. I know it was one of the first five links, two months ago. I’ll look into my bpoatks for the exact link when I get home soonish.

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