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How do you get a website up and running using GoDaddy?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) June 17th, 2010

Do you have to code it directly? Do they provide a site builder? Can I use another site builder and then host it with GoDaddy?

(I have never put a website up, and I have NOOOOO idea how it works)

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GoDaddy tech support is VERY helpful.

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In my opinion you run from GoDaddy as quickly as you can, and find a better host.

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Ask @johnpowell. He just took his site off GoDaddy, to his great relief.

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Huh. I’ve had GoDaddy on and off for a while. My wife had used them for her fledgling business’. I always found tech support to be quick and helpful and rarely had a problem with the hosting.

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there are many many many other hosting services that are infinitely better than GoDaddy. Its not tech support you should worry about when choosing hosting….its the hosting solutions provided, and GoDaddy’s hosting is horrible. I had to deal with it for about 3 hours one day to set up someones site who bought hosting on GoDaddy, I despised every second of it. So unusable.

Check out or for some real hosting and is still affordable.

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I agree with @dpworkin. I had to work with GoDaddy while building a website for my former company (in which I had no say as to the host) and their tech support was quick but totally unhelpful, their set up was totally illogical… it was a complete waste of time when compared to the likes of Dreamhost.

For the total n00b, I’d recommend buying a domain through anyone, then using something like wordpress.

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You can leave your domain name registration with GoDaddy and host elsewhere, they don’t have to be together. Ideally you should be able to put something together locally with something like DreamWeaver and FTP the whole thing up once it works.
You can try a Devpax template. The developer is a Flutherite, too!

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