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Would you like to share a funny, gross, odd, or interesting story about food in the workplace?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) June 17th, 2010

This question was inspired by the “cake at work” question by the person who hated cake but feared being blackballed if he didn’t partake in the office cake-fests. It made me think of a time when cake was served at my place of employment. The woman who was cutting the cake would pull the knife through, swipe her finger across it, then lick her finger. She did this with every piece she cut. Needless to say I declined the cake. Do you have a story to share?

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Something similar happened while an aunt of mine was dishing out ice cream. She slurped the spoon, dug it right in and proceeded to scoop out a big ball of chocolate nougat ice cream.
Without a doubt, I pretended to have been struck by unexpected stomach cramps!

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A friend made a ham sandwich in the back of my car on the way to the marina.,licking Grey Poupon off her fingers all the while…..“Wanna bite”??

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We were having a buffet style luncheon and the woman in front of me sneezed three times in her hands, rubbed them together and then picked through a big pile of rolls, looking for just the right one. I passed on the rolls and as the guy behind me started to get one, I shook my head at him. He passed also.

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Miss Eurillia was a really old lady who lived/worked a the conference center where teen-aged kids would work in the summer. Those of us who were servers in the family-style dining room would always find her hovering in the dish-washing room after meals, and she would pick food off of the used plates that we brought in and eat it. The worst though was the time she found a slice of ham that must have sloughed off of a plate when it went through the dishwasher and got stuck in the large, plastic dish rack. She gobbled it up, and I had to make a dash to the bathroom.

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I was in Chicago with a client having lunch; about 5 people. Eating a salad, I chewed down on one of those small cherry tomatoes and shot tomato guts onto the Alpha client’s tie. The thing is, he was talking and we were looking each other right in the eyes when it happened, so we both really had no where to go – if that makes sense.

For three years in Japan approximately ~3 days a week the management team would all go down after work to the Ginza and have dinner and get hammered on beer. It simply is a part of work culture. At work it is absolute tight subservience, but after hours you’re expected to let your hair down and say pretty much whatever you want.

I was on jury duty once, and a new friend and I hopped on the wrong bus on the way back from lunch. We kept the whole proceedings waiting for like 40min. And we both showed up completely drenched in sweat from hoofing it back. Judges really know how to dish out shame.

My grandmother likes to squeeze her teabag to make sure all the juice is out. She really likes to conserve and be efficient (and tell everyone about it). I gave her a hard time one day, teasing her. My mother, aunt, and grandmother ganged up and shooed me away. Later during dinner I picked up my plate and licked the gravy off, to complete knowing silence.

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Soooo…when I was 15, I worked in McDonalds and used to get high a lot..this made it hard for me to focus on my job…so sometimes the pancakes would drop on the floor and I’d just put ‘em back into the container and give it to customers…and other times, customers would piss me off so I’d tell my brother to spit into their coke (he worked there too)...anywho, I’m not proud of it, lol.

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The last day I was working at McDonald’s before I went to uni, in the last hour of my employ, a developmentally disabled boy threw up his meal and it spread over 2 booths. It took me 45 minutes to clean up properly. I couldn’t believe that he’d been given so much food. I ended up having to throw my uniform away, it stunk so. :/

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My son in law works as a corrections officer in a jail. In that institution, the inmates prepare the meals served to the inmates and staff. Recently a majority of the inmates and those staff who ate from that cafeteria came down with a rather nasty gastrointestinal illness. The investigation revealed that human feces and urine were added in large quantities to the chilli con carne.

He now eats only meals he brings from home.

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