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Gay chicas, are your friends mostly gay/lesbian, straight or a mixture?

Asked by Jude (32198points) June 17th, 2010

For me, I find that I tend to have more straight than gay/lesbian friends.

In all honesty, I don’t relate well to other lesbians (for the most part). I can’t think of one lesbian musical artist that I really like. I don’t get into Buffy, Xena, and I watched the L Word, but, really, it’s not all the wonderful and schmarvelous….

I don’t like playing sports and if I watch, I tend to root for the team with the prettiest colored jerseys. =) In other words, I couldn’t give a flying fig out of a rolling donut who wins. =)

I like what I like. I also feel that most of my girlfriends are the same way (and we’ve talked about this). They’re different from the norm…

Am I a freak? =)

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Well I identify as queer and when I look over 10 of my closest friends, only one is straight and the others are iterations of the LGBTQ community. That’s because I do a lot of activist work and am on the committee for the transgroup of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center or many of my college friends were from the NYU LGBT office, etc. – the community in which I operate is queer and so my friends are thus.

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I have more straight than queer friends.

@jjmah I think you are stereotyping a bit, my dear. Most of the lesbians I know aren’t into much gay iconography nor are they into sports; they tend to be pierced, tattoooed and college-educated; they associate more with counterculture than gay culture.

I never though Buffy was a gay show. Willow didn’t even come out until season 4.

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@tinyfaery you’re right. I guess that I am.

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I would say more of a mixture…
because the friends that i grew up with and so on, are all straight but are fine with me being gay, but i also have a friend whom is gay, and when i came out, he started taking me out to all the gay bars and clubs, and i have made alot of gay friends. other lesbians, no not really, because i never really see any others… im also not into sports or any of that sort of stuff, im a lipstick lesbian…soo no your not a freak! :)

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About 90% of my friends are Project Runway loving gay men. The rest are various straight people. I’m not against having lesbians as friends…I’ve just never really found any that I click with on that level.

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“I’ve just never really found any that I click with on that level.”

Same goes for me.

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Well fine, @jjmah, then we’re not friends. But I’m not really a lesbian.

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@tinyfaery, still lurve you. You’re feisty and fun.


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I’m bisexual and although I have a mixture of friends I think the majority are gay (especially on the female side).

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Most of my closest friends are also lesbians, but I have straight friends and male friends (both gay and straight).

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I’m a bisexual transman, and most of my friends are straight, because I’m also involved in the local folk-music scene, and most of my friends are from there. Not many LGBT folkies for some reason.

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I have always found it hard to meet lesbian friends. I have never really had any tbh which is pretty sad. I have more gay men friends and straight friends. I’d love to have a few lesbian friends who I could discuss things with and get a bit of perspective on certain areas, but it has never happened!

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@spiritual There are many jellies that you can come to with questions Ask away.

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Thanks @tinyfaery I will keep that in mind :).

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Hmm I don’t think you’re stereotyping that much. And aren’t we all freaks anyways? =p Whether in bed, or it is being supressed or some sort of variant.

Anyways, to answer your question; most of my friends are straight even though I am a lesbian.

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Calling all lesbians freaks is a slippery slope. So many people already see same-sex behavior as abhorrent.

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I love Xena. I have since I was little. And I enjoyed The L Word. Still, most of my friend are straight. I think that might be due to a lack of lesbians where I live..

My girlfriend has a huge mixture of both though.

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