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In which positions/wind region are Venezuela's states?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) June 17th, 2010

I’m trying to figure out for Geography class where does all the states from Venezuela belong to. I don’t know how to ask this question but in Dutch it’s called “windstreken of ligging”, translated that means “wind regions or the position”. By position/wind regions I mean as in North, North-West, North-East, South, SW, SE, etc

For example in Geography the book had a map that gave us the position/wind region of a few states of Brazil. Such as Rio de Janeiro is positioned at the East of Brazil, Manaus is positioned North of Brazil etc.
The map was like this: (hope you guys can read what I wrote in pencil, the words are in Dutch so I wrote the translation in English)

Now I need to know this for all 23 states of Venezuela, where can I find a map or a website or something that will tell me all of this for Venezuela’s states?

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We call those “Cardinal Points” or “Points of the Compass”, and I am sure that you could determine them from a Google Earth view of Venezuela.

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There is a map on this wikipedia link Or did you need actual coordinates of some sort?

I am curious…are you taking a high school level class? Or, is it college? I only ask because I don’t think in America, unless it has changed since I was young, that a high school student would study a foreign country down to such specifics as all of the states in the country.

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Wikipedia has a chart that lists all of the state names and has a map with the location of each state called out. If you draw yourself a Compass Rose, it will be easy to label the wind direction.

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