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What is this disorder?

Asked by answers_please (33points) June 17th, 2010

What is the name of a disorder that makes your eyes very big (look like they are popping out) and makes you very skinny and tall?

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Are you thinking of Marfan’s Syndrome? Link

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Are you thinking of Graves disease? link

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Grave’s patients aren’t especially tall or skinny, necessarily.

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Many of them get horrendously thin…which can make them look tall and gaunt.

But you are right..abnormal height isn’t usually part and parcel with the disease.

Marfan syndrome doesn’t make their eyes stick out does it? I though it just affected the structure of and vision through the eye.

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It can, but doesn’t necessarily.

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Some people think that Abe Lincoln had Marfan’s Syndrome.

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Office Toodie had it.

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^^ Ya lost me there

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You never watched “Car 54 Where Are You”?

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True story:

I had watched a educational show regarding Marfan syndrome before a dinner with some distant family and friends. I realized as dinner progressed that one of the men there looked like he had all the signs of Marfan Syndrome (Elongated hands, concave chest) I didn’t say anything to it would have been a bit awkward to interrupt dinner when I didn’t know him and really what did I know? It was just a t.v. show!

Fast forward less than a week and this man is in emergency surgery having his aorta fixed having been diagnosed with a leaking aorta that was beginning to rupture…due to Marfan syndrome.

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@dpworkin: Nope. I never had the pleasure. You certainly had a misspent youth.

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