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Good comeback to sexist remark?

Asked by answers_please (33points) June 17th, 2010

What is a good comeback when a guy tells you to make him a sandwich?

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Ask them what kind of meat they want on it. Then point to their breast, thigh, leg, etc.

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The obligatory response is, of course, “well, you better comeback with a goddamn sandwich”.

Were you deliberately trying to recreate an age-old Yahoo Answers question?

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Punch him in the face. Then go make yourself a sandwich and eat it in front of him.

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Make the sandwich. Charge him twenty dollars for it.

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If this guy is your significant other…

Get naked, make him the sandwich (making sure to show off your goods profusely as you do), then throw it in the trash, and hang around the house nude all day and don’t let him get any.

Or maybe sit near him and eat peanut butter and jelly with your fingers from the jars, moaning. Wipe your fingers clean with slices of bread, then eat those. Still refuse to let him get any.

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“Of all the things in the world you want to be a sandwich?”

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“Make it yourself pissant”!

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Miracle Whip or mayo, Swiss or Munster wheat or white?

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You say, that’s a good idea. While you are at it make me one too.

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He’s got three legs right? He can lean on one, and walk on two. In other words he can get it himself.
Or you could throw mayo on his face and stick a hotdog in his mouth and see how he likes it.

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Certainly, My Love. At once. Would you like a beer with that?

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@ratboy she better say that. >:D

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“Just who do you think you are? Bob?”

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Make him a sandwich & then eat it right infront of him.

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