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What is a thinking class?

Asked by lopezpor (241points) June 17th, 2010

Lately I have been wondering what is it really about the country X I live in that keeps us from “progressing…” Yes, there has been a long history of colonialism, natural disasters, foreign intervention, corruption… All of these things, some argue, can definitely have a huge impact on the way we live our daily lives today. But what if it is ultimately the way people behave that is actually the biggest problem… More than that, what if it is actually the way people think…
Two things I have noticed about country X… Money rids you of your ignorance. If you have money, and you speak… you have the power… regardless of your ability to do anything…
Second, it seems that there is no “thinking class…” Where is the vision? Who is going to analyze society? Who is going to think up a different future?
What is your definition of a thinking class and do you think this is essential for the advancement of a nation…

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Perhaps you’re describing an academic or intellectual category or group of people?

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Where exactly is “Country X”? There’s a lot of places that could describe.

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On one of my trips abroad an official told me that in his country there could be no true democratic government because the judiciary wasn’t independent of the executive branch. If judges made decisions disliked by the executive branch, they lost their jobs. Therefore, the executive could engage in illegal behavior and peoples’ rights were not guaranteed.

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I’ve never considered this notion – it is interesting, certainly. I don’t think those who hold the power here in the U.S. are thinking much about anyone else other than themselves or thinking about societal patterns.

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Everything begins with thought and when all you think about is dominating, then that’s all you do. There are thinkers out there, but they are disorganized- so many different ideas. But that is the problem, the ones in power only have a few fairly rigid ideas- but they’re organized.

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That term to me means the most intellectual. Not money or power, just those who use their minds to progress themselves. You can control the amount of information that people are allowed to have. But, you can’t control the want or need to get the information.

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I’ve lived in countries like this. The intellectuals are either quiet (to stay out of trouble), in prison for speaking their minds, or in exile.

My theory on this “not advancing” is that, under colonial rule, survival depends on either submission or corruption. The ruling classes in these countries were formed in an environment of mimicking the colonial rulers, while amassing fortunes through the corrupt colonial system.

The indigenous upper classes don’t want widespread public education, because their economy depends on cheap unskilled labor; educating the masses makes them discontented, they believe. To stay at the top of the food chain, these traditional elites take up key political posts and occupy the key command functions in the armed forces; these roles delegated to younger sons or more distant relatives of the elite.

In many areas, tribal thinking prevents progress. People only think in terms of family, clan and tribe, anything wider in incomprehensible. This not only limits national advancement, but individual success; obligations to extended family and clan prevent an individual from acting in either national or personal best interest.

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“What is a thinking class?”

That is the bathroom.

First Class, Coach, Thinking.

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