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What are you afraid of?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 18th, 2010

My eyesight has been deteriorating. Depending on the time of day, I can see better or worse. Depending on my alcohol consumption, I feel more or less sorry for myself. And scared.


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I’m afraid of becoming so incapacitated as be be a burden on others. I just hope that I retain the ability to squeeze a trigger should my health head in that direction.

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I’m afraid of life.

Its really an awful fear to have. Its taken away everything unique about me. I no longer have any personality or hobbies.

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Being chased by a tiger LOL

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I’m afraid of mannequins. I can’t turn my back on them, I think they’re going to get me.

Somehow, my fear of mannequins is also manifested when I’m in a dark, lonely room, as if they’re going to appear out of nowhere and take me away. I hate going about the building at night and checking the doors, gives me the jibblies.

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I’m afraid of stupid people, spiders and really hot summer days :/

and I’m also a little afraid of that elf who steals my socks every Saturday

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I am afraid of death after a long, debilitating disease.

I am not afraid of a quick, clean death, or relatively so. It has to have the debilitating disease factor added in.

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I am afraid of bears ;)

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@unused_bagel, whatever you do do not watch Dr Who, the Autons (it should be available on youtube…), I was so scared of manequins only after watching this episode.
I’m afraid of dying alone, and not being found until the postman breaks in to deliver a long overdue parcel or something.

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Welcome to fluther @blemonge where you will never swim alone.

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I’m afraid of men. and nasty people. and bitches and family. some of that may be redundant.

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In case you ever wondered, being agoraphobic and claustrophobic at the same time is a lot of fun.~

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Spiders, flying, childbirth and being tortured. Sometimes I imagine having my bones crushed and my fingers and toes being cut off one by one. It’s a strange thing to think about, but it makes me a little squirmy and uncomfortable and I’ll actually clench my fingers and toes tightly so they don’t stick out so no one can hack them off. Bahahaha. I just realized how stupid that sounds, but it’s true.

I’m also afraid of my mom’s cat. I’m terrified of not knowing where she is when I’m in the house because she likes to swat and bite at your ankles randomly. She’ll literally hide and wait for you to walk by. It’s all for sport. To torture me! AH! D:
I call her Cunty Cat. She’s not very nice, but maybe she’s bitter because I call her that.
I’m actually afraid to walk ahead of her because I know she’s lurking behind me waiting to pounce. I friggin’ hate that cat.

Of course, none of these are true, genuine fears – just things that frighten me a little.
All of my fears (I don’t have very many) are too personal, odd and in my eyes, stupid to post.

@MacBean Yo, that sucks. I’m sowy. :(

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Stop Drinking you lush!! I am mostly afraid terrified of my kids ever getting hurt!

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House centipedes

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@lucillelucillelucille Even cute little teddy bears?

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I am afraid of being impecunious while elderly, and being forced to suffer under the care of sadistic workers in a bad nursing home.

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I’m afraid of @dpworkin ‘s acid tongue! LOL!

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I have learned to always be prepared for the shoe to drop.

I fear that dropping shoe.

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Same as you, I’m afraid of losing my independence. I have always been the kind of girl that got things done on her own. I don’t know how to stand around in my apron wringing my hands until my husband gets home to change my tire. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am losing my mobility fairly rapidly, the frustration is bad enough, but the frustration over the loss of my independence is getting to me.

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I’m scared that I’m a fraud, that what I want in life is “above my station” and an example of my innate selfishness, and that I’m deluding myself about my true talents and capabilities.

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@aprilsimnel Aw – fuck that shit! You’re not, it isn’t and you’re not! There, I said it so it must be true.

I’m afraid of losing my mobility as I age and even more so, my mind. I’m also afraid of getting mean and obnoxious so that my kids don’t love me any more. And then dying alone and lonely in a snake pit.

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@zenele actually, the girls here just scare me to death!

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Never being good enough.

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I’m afraid that my life will be the same a year, five years, or ten years from now. I really don’t want that.

I’m a badger.

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The state of Utah and maggots.

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I’m afraid of losing my wife. I couldn’t go on without her. I’m also scared of bees and all stinging, flying insects.

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My state of mind.

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@BoBo1946 Nothing to be frightened of, we are such gentle little piranhas LOLL

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I already answered this here but @dpworkin ‘s scenario is a variant on my terror (there are numerous variants on it), having worked in places like that and seen it first hand. Medicare facilities are hell on earth and where the impecunious end up and you do not wind up in such a place without severe disability. Sadistic workers in a bad facility are, sadly, hardly unknown.

I have seen things in such places that would truly terrify people.

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I’m afraid of spiders and small enclosed spaces. :\

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“I’m only afraid of two things:nuclear winter and carnies. You know, circus folk.” Austin Powers

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@Arisztid – All anyone would have to see to cause themselves nightmares about that is the video of that poor woman dying in a Brooklyn hospital last year, and no one lifted a finger for an hour! By then she was already dead. :(

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I’m afraid of having a stroke and being incontinent. And a little bit phobic about spiders.

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I’m afraid that Fluther will get as bad as most of the other sites with rampant duplicate questions like these: Do you; Have you ever; What is your favorite; What is your greatest

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And @YARNLADY uncorks a good one! ^


Very large waves

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@aprilsimnel Sadly, that is just one example of medical abuses, neglect, etc. Here is an older answer of mine going into some of what goes on in nursing homes and why I share @dpworkin ‘s specific fear. I could then go into a litany of abuses in major hospitals.

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Going blind. My eyes are fine, there’s nothing, currently, I should be worried about. Everyone in my family is born with shitty eye sight, but I escaped. Still, if I ever go blind, I think I’m gonna carve my wrists open with my teeth.

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@Symbeline I sympathize with your fear, but I also know for certain that after a period of adjustment blindness becomes a regrettable inconvenience, but nothing to kill yourself over.

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@dpworkin You’re probably right, (What’s your experience with this?) but it must take a long time to get adjusted to it. If you like reading, drawing, movies and video games, there’s not much left to do, unless you find something else, I guess.

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I am afraid of being sexually attacked.

B.T.W deteriortion of vision in relation to maount of light could be related to vitamin A deficiency, you might want to get a boold test.

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My fiancee is blind. I used to be terrified of blindness until I got to know her. There’s nothing she can’t do, except maybe drive my car. She reads all the time, loves movies, can’t draw, doesn’t care about video games.

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My loved ones getting hurt is my biggest fear ever. I’m also afraid of Ellie & Rachel having to confront their worst fears. Ellie: Knives. Rachel: Corpses.

I can’t stand the thought of dying in bed, whether it’s from an illness or in my sleep. I want to be able to feel every last scream from my nerves as I die; I don’t want to be doped up & unable to feel pain.

And a particularly selfish fear of mine: I would give up my own life for most of my belongings, but then they might just be tossed out when I die. I want my last requests to be obeyed to the letter.

Other than that, my normal fears are small bugs, drowning, going deaf, & being unable to fend for myself.

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My beloved wife is the greatest single source of joy in my daily life. I fear losing her to cancer from her smoking. Actually I live in fear of her dying prematurely from whatever cause.

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@janbb – Thank you for the “fist bump” there!

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I am afraid of losing my partner and my children. I am afraid of getting sick and not being able to afford care.

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Most people fear blindness but I fear deafness. As dpworkin points out, blind people can do virtually everything that sighted people can do. However, deaf people can’t easily communicate with people in a social or business situation. It’s very isolating whereas blindness isn’t.

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@zenele right now I’m afraid for your health….

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@talljasperman One of the nicest things anyone has said to me. Thanks.

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@zenele what is the deal with your health my friend…if i may ask! You can give me comment in my private comment area!

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@BoBo1946 He was referring to the details… about my eyesight.


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Madrassas still teaching hatred. Al-Qaeda still recruiting new terrorists.

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