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Is Smoke-Free Campus Unfair Law for Smokers?

Asked by DonnaDon (26points) June 18th, 2010

I think it’s a bad legislation because it’s unfair for people who do smoke, but I think it’s a good law for people like me who don’t smoke. What do you think?

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Law is not absolutely fair. Law represents interest of majority but not all people.

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I am a smoker, so I have an obvious bias, but yes I think it is an unfair law, hard to enforce, and tars smokers with the same brush as well as making it seem that a smoking itself is an illegal act that one should feel guilty about committing; I’m a considerate smoker, I don’t smoke near people and blow it up in the air to ensure that it doesn’t go in anyones face and I never drop my fag ends on the floor, I think thats just as bad as dropping a coke can or sandwich wrapper.
That said, smoking obviously shouldn’t be encouraged and I support (grudgingly, well, massively grudgingly) the smoking laws (I think some Pubs should be able to choose though, and nightclubs smell far worse of stale beer and sweat than smoke) in place in most the western world. But I smoke all over my “smokefree” campus all the time, and no one bats an eyelid and its only ever been mentioned to me by one or two pious looking people who seem to be on an ego trip (if my smoking bothers you, don’t cross the road to tell me about it – it didn’t affect you over there!!)
I think that instead, there should be massive fines and disincentives to littering with fag ends, because they are disgusting and are everywhere where people smoke. Now I’m off for a fag!!

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It comes down to who you think has more right.. is it that of smokers, to smoke where they like, or non-smokers, to not breathe in second-hand smoke? I’m kind of apt to lean toward the side of non-smokers, in that when someone smokes, they are choosing to poison themselves, but in a public place, the non-smokers are not given a choice not to breathe in the smoke.

I also like the ban on smoking in indoor places, not only for the same reason, but that when you get a bunch of people smoking inside, it gets to be unbearable. I’m a smoker, but working in the smoking section of a restaurant is awful and difficult when you’re running around and breathing a lot. In bars, it gets suffocating and causes my eyes to burn.

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I like my lungs and I don’t like smelling peoples smoke, so it’s a great law in my opinion. Now the smokers on that campus may save some money, they can’t argue with that.

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Not fair. People should be able to smoke outside, away from buildings. Even Disneyland has smoking areas. Demonization of cigarettes has gone too far. I am not a smoker and I have asthma, but the world is not all about me.

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A smoke-free campus is not respresenting all the people. i am for not smoking indoors. i believe smokers should have a designated smoking area, just like all other businesses. colleges and universites are a business.

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