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Do I need to renew my license if I move?

Asked by Drcpb (149points) June 18th, 2010

Specifically, I’m moving from Missouri to South Dakota, and I’m wondering if I’m going to need to renew my driver’s license once I move up there. I just had it renewed here when I turned 18 a few months ago.

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You will need to get a local licence, with your current address.

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Here is the basic information about South Dakota driver’s licenses. You will have to get a South Dakota license if you are going to be living there for more than 90 days. They have exceptions for military and students.

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When I moved to a new state I did not renew my license for almost two years. I found out that I should have renewed it sooner after I got a speeding ticket and was issued a fix-it ticket for not having a current valid driver’s license. I would suggest getting it renewed.

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When you move to a new state location, most states require you to take its written and driving tests and be issued a new drivers license. 30 days is the average time allowed.

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@john65pennington So, I’m going to have to retake my drivers tests?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.

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I’ve moved a lot so I always had to renew my license. Most states give you 30 days till 60 for you to change it. The only requirements I needed was a current unexpired license and proof of my new residence (lease, electric bill etc. with my name on it as proof of residency) and birth certificate, or some official document of citizenship (US passport, military ID) .
Sometimes all of the above. (Virginia wants to inspect your mothers womb for proof of citizenship)
But I’ve never had to retake a written test or a drivers test. I think California and New York do require it though. (both, written and driving test)
It will depend on the state you move too.

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