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From where is this strange video of Björk explaining how a TV works?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) June 18th, 2010

Is this like, a show for a children? It’s almost an interview, but it seems like a strange setup for an interview question. This clip is very bizarre.


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It is very bizarre. She thinks the inside of a TV resembles a city? And her eyebrows are very bushy, almost looks like catepillars. I can’t figure out the reasoning behind the video. I first thought she was trying to sell TV’s, but that’s not it.

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I just love her innocent voice. She is such a pixie. Metaphorically she is correct.
Cant wait for her description on how a microwave oven works.

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@ChazMaz You just think she’s hot, no matter what she says. :-)

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In a creepy way… Yes!

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@richardhenry This may be deleted since it is not a helpful answer to your question. I am not sure where the video is from, but one thing is for sure, it is wondrous and intriguing.

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” it is wondrous and intriguing.”
Nice! I just spit my drink.

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Well, definitely 90’s, probably early nineties. I don’t think it’s a children’s show, and I definitely don’t think it’s American TV (no american TV would have the boom in the shot like that).

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@andrew Not just the boom, but the boom and the boom goblin, trundling around happily at the bottom of the shot.

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@richardhenry Just saw this video and here are my two-cents worth. She is so childlike I think kids, especially young ones, would enjoy it. Her imagery of the little city is gorgeous and wondrous. Even down to rubbing the bridge of her nose. So unpretentious, IMHO.

“So you just swallow and swallow.” Doesn’t that describe how many people are with TV and other media, too?

“You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.” Or anyone else, either.

Thanks for posting.

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