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Why can't I access my settings anymore?

Asked by Junior_714 (17points) June 18th, 2010 from iPhone

I have an iPhone 3GS and this morning when I woke up, I wasn’t able to access the settings on my phone for some reason. Anybody know why?

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Well mine works so we can rule out a global glitch.

Have you tried restarting your phone? Usually that clears up oddities that present themselves in my 3GS.

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Yes I have tried restarting my phone. It didn’t help. My phone I’d jailbroken btw. Might this have caused the problem?

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That is possible. Mine is not jailbroken so I would not know.
Does jailbreaking mean you cannot connect and restore via iTunes?

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I can connect and restore on the iTunes but idk if I would be able to jailbreak my phone afterwards again. The settings menu was working fine; till this morning that is. I’ve never had this happen beore. It’s strange really.

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I finally figured out why! I had downloaded an app on Cydia called Xtreme Preferences. That app doesn’t really work on my phone though. I decided to delete it, and along with that app, my settings also went! So I reinstalled it and now it works!

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Thanks for the help!

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