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Where do you work?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) March 17th, 2008

I am a server at Applebees and do volunteer work at the NJ Aquarium.

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Good questions for the newcomers. I, also, am very curious. Here is what people said seven months ago.


I’m retired from education-related careers; research, teaching, and administration.

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I’m a preschool teacher at Kids R Kids.

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Tech support for a hated company, freelance designer.

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I work at a major bookstore chain. Looking to move on, though. I used to build websites and would like to start again, but the learning curve these days is tremendous!

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I work at a daycare for high school students’ babies and I love every second of it. I have learned so much both from the kids and these teen moms.

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I work at Stuyvesant High School, being a student.

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i am the graphic designer for a small web marketing company. our owner also owns 4 new horizons computer learning centers on the east coast [US]. (NH is a worldwide IT training company, with over 300 locations). i am a rowing coach and a photographer/mac geek/artist on the side.

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I am a Carpenter. At 8 years old my father started teaching me how to read and draw blueprints. When I was 12 years old I started doing residential wiring with my father and grandfather during the summer. By the time I was 15 I wired my first house, by myself. Then learned how to do plumbing in a couple of months. I then started laying brick and block for two and a half years. Finally, I found my true love in framing. Apprenticed in that for three and a half years. It is a very rewarding profession. To start with nothing but raw materials, and finish with, possibly the biggest investment most people make in their lives is very rewarding. I have been in construction almost all my life, and I feel I have earned the title “Carpenter”!

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I work at a dog kennel!

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I sell produce on the side of the road every year from July through October at two locations. I have been doing this since 1994. I also have a lanscape curbing business that I operate from April through October. I spend the winter months at home relaxing with the family and fighting cabin fever. 4 months off every year is way too long.

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I work in a metal fabrication plant. I work in the CNC department as a laser operator. Basically, I take a sheet of metal and use a high powered laser to cut out parts for buses, cars, metal shelves; just about anything metal.

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I’m a computer technical for a small company called TitanPC for south and central jersey areas. I basically do everything and anything when it has to do with computers. It’s not a bad job, i do what i love.

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I work for a shipping company. We are like travel agents for freight we get physical goods from point a to b.

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Who was so generous with all the “great answer” votes?

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the fluther fairy?

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Well not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! Is that my new name “the fluther fairy”?

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oh yea your a fairy alright. :P

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Well, that was mighty white of you, uberG! Wait, I think I am having de ja vu! Let’s not start that again.

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I’m a Staff Photographer for a newspaper and I freelance as well

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I’m a Lighting Designer for a company that rents a sound&light systems.

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I am an Audiologist in a Doctors’ office in Southern New Jersey, USA

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I’m a software developer for a profitable company (i.e., non-startup) in Cambridge, MA.

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I work in adminstration for a big cancer research /care organization

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A “faux-pas” bed and breakfast in way Northern California….

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I’m a security site supervisor for a contract security firm in charge of the security operations of a grocery store distribution center

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I work in higher education—administrator of a consortium of public liberal arts colleges. I also teach in college.

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artist, I travel to art shows with my work and I sell wholesale across the us.

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I am a medical administrator for a podiatric group.

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I’m a freelance illustrator and art director.

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I’m a special needs monitor for the local transportation department. Basically, I ride the bus with children who require assistance (mentally/physically disabled). I’ve actually learned a lot, get good pay for someone my age, and enjoy working with the kids a lot. It’s not my ideal job, but it’s not like ALL my prior jobs where I could easily look back and say “it was so not worth it,” or “I hated that friggin’ job.” Still doesn’t make me happy.

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In my basement…I am trying to soundproof it better so sock monkeys don’t keep me up at night!! Lil B@st@rds are nocturnal and had I known I would have never picked them up hitchhiking!!

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I work in a testing center.

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