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What's your favorite variety of tomato?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) June 18th, 2010

My supersweet 100’s already have lots of green tomatoes. Do you have a fav? My 100’s have a cult following in our area.

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Yellow or Roma.

Depends on what I am using them for.

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Roma (for homemade salsa)

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We’ve been planting Boxcar Willie for the past 4 years. They are very large, sweet and juicy.

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Holland They have a tang that I like.

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Cherokee purple—the best BLT tomato ever!

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My favorite tomato is the tomato that’s not in my food or the one in my hand that I can chuck at people.

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the ones on the vine!

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the mini mini ones!! you know, the ones that just look like little berries.tomberries!!

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oh oh! trader joe’s has this wonderful little cherry like tomatoes that are called “splendido tomatoes” (or something like that) and i really love them. so strange to think i HATED tomatoes until very recently.

anddd roma tomatoes are great for stuffing and baking, yumm.

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I love Gardeners Delight. Small tomatoes but so very sweet!!

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we have tomberries in! yaaaay im eating them now!!

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Definitely on the vine or fresh from it makes a HUGE difference.

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The Jersey Tomato

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’‘Big Boys!” (Have some planted now!”)

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Italian heirloom tomatoes. Nothing else comes close.

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@GeorgeGee Seedsavers is an excellent organization. These pictures are making me salivate.

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Sun dried, plum, cherry, yum. I love them all!

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We grow Amish Paste for our own use, the following commercially:

Golianth F1 and St. Pierre for main crop.

Nebraska Wedding for late crop.

Currant Red for early crop (greenhouse started). We’re starting to harvest these now.

Peace Vine late cherry-type.

Evergreen main season as an experiment for salsa-making.

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We got our original Amish Paste seeds from Seedsavers Exchange. We may plant some Cherokee Purple next year.

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yellow pear….. and got some heirlooms that i dont know about

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