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Can you think of a film you're embarrassed to admit you haven't seen yet?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) June 18th, 2010

Two-part question:

A) Is there a film where it seems like almost everyone has watched it except for you?

B) Is there a classic film you’re a bit embarrassed to admit you’ve yet to watch?

For me, it seems like everyone has seen Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Avatar. Not me. Don’t judge! :P

And I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I haven’t seen The Godfather yet. * smacks forehead. *

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No. Life is too interesting and too short and too problematic for me to feel embarrassed about movies, books, magazines, theatre, dance, lectures, classes not yet seen or participated in.

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A) Saving Private Ryan

B) Casablanca

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There are a lot of current movies I’d like to see, but we are in the habit of waiting for the DVDs because my narrating for my girlfriend in a movie theater disturbs people. It’s also easier to be able to pause it if I have to describe a complex visual.

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I always get a look of shock when I tell someone I haven’t seen Casablanca.

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I never saw Jaws.

Never gonna, either.
Amazingly, I have seen all movies mentioned above except Saving Private Ryan.

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@gailcalled The question was suppose to be taken lightly – not that you’re actually literally embarrassed over not watching a film….but thanks for, well, thanks anyway.

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@Vunessuh: This is what is so interesting about language. You used “embarrassed” three times, so I assumed that was the word you meant to use. (Silly me). How about rewording the question in a more light-hearted manner?

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At least I spelled the word correctly or I’d be lectured on that too, huh?

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Neer make assumptions. I did answer your question as written.

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OMFG YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE GODFATHER?!?!?!?!? * smacks around *

There are plenty of “classic” movies I’ve never seen. I saw Casablanca like 2 years ago. I thought it blew. Then again, I saw Usual Suspects a couple of months ago, and I thought it was amazing. So, in summary, I’m always up for recommendations, but I’m not making lists of movies I have to see.

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Bad Taste and most of Argento’s early catalog.
The only Argento films I have seen are Suspiria, Inferno and Phenomena.
I am not ashamed to say that I haven’t seen any Fulci films other than Zombie

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I’ve never seen any of The Godfather films, well not all the way through.Just bits & pieces here & there.Amazing really because when I watch a movie I absorb myself in it completely.Strange but for me those movies just haven’t fell into place yet,either wrong place wrong time or too damn busy.I’m sure i’ll get to watch them one day….one day!

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@ucme It’s the same with me.

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Haven’t seen Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Sound Of Music and i am sure that i am the only one in the world who hasn’t seen Titanic.
‘Embarrassed’ i feel about The Wedding Planner (J-Lo).

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Damn, people are snippy today.

I haven’t seen a lot of the classic “Black” films. I get a lot of shit for it. I’m just not interested in seeing Black people act like ignorant fools for laughs. This is also the reason why I can’t stand Steve Harvey.

I also haven’t seen The Godfather.

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@Michael_Huntington Classic case of “shit happens” I s’pose.

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I’ve never seen Jaws, Avatar, Schindler’s List, any of The Godfather films nor American Beauty.

Is that bad enough?

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Godfather films
Schindler’s List
Exorcist or Rosemary’s Baby

I’m very affected by violence or devil stuff. I’d rather see edifying things or things that make me think. I know that Schindler’s List is important, but can’t bear to even think about what they did.

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@rebbel I know of one person who hasn’t seen Titanic yet either, so you’re not alone. :)
@bvdshec17 Nah…I’m surprised to read that so many people have yet to see The Godfather. I truly thought it was rare. :)

@Everyone Thanks for your answers!

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@Vunessuh Dude… THE GODFATHER! * shakes head disapprovingly *


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I’m not embarrassed by not having seen a movie. Why would I be?

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@tinyfaery You’ve seen The Godfather, right? Right?

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No! I hate mobster movies and I get grossed out looking at Marlon Brando. Yuck. And you will never shame me because of it. :)

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I wasn’t expecting some people to take the question so literally and seriously, so allow me to reword for any new participants.

Have you ever gotten a surprised reaction from someone after telling them about a film you haven’t seen?

There. Simple.

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What’s the world coming to?!?!?


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Never saw The Godfather films (@bob_).

I once saw Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, though. Actually, more than once.

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Most all of the recent ones.I am however embarrassed to say I pluck my eyebrows in the middle of movies…hmmm not really! If the film is good,I look like Oscar the Grouch.If it is bad,then Clown College,here I come!Woo-hoo!

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Friday the 13th series.

And, I am not embarrassed.

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The Godfather films, Schindler’s List, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shawshank Redemption, Psycho, Apocalypse Now, A Clockwork Orange

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Embarrassed about or haven’t seen?

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@rebbel I’m a big movie fan, but no, I’m not really embarrassed. I would like to watch each of those films at some point, though.

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And you shouldn’t be of course.
Psycho is the only one i have seen from your list, by the way.

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Godfather (any of them) – all the way through.

Sex in the City.. no, wait. I abhor Sex in the City. Can’t bring myself to watch it.

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Yeah, I haven’t seen Titanic, either.

Do people deliberately miss the humor in this so they can play the crank, or are they seriously clueless?

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Everybody I know has seen Avatar
I am honestly embarressed that I have seen Disney’s High School Musical. Remember getting movie ideas from a 10 year old is not a good idea.

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The only thing I’m embarrassed by is how many movies I’ve seen – at the expense of… walking in a park or something.

There is however one “classic” movie I have not seen, and never will: E.T.

Too cheeseball. Never guna happen. I steely pride myself in not having seen it.

But those not having seen Casablanca or the first two Godfathers..? Just wow. I’m actually envious. I would love to be able to take some completely uninterrupted time and sit down with some popcorn and see those for the first time again. You’re lucky.

They are transcendent masterpieces of art.

Fluther might be the new black. Movies and golf are taking the hit.

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A) Is there a film where it seems like almost everyone has watched it except for you?

Quite a few, such as Spiderman and Titanic (though I saw much of it recently).

B) Is there a classic film you’re a bit embarrassed to admit you’ve yet to watch?

Generally I don’t feel embarrassed, or actually feel proud, justified, or correct to not see films that are popular that I am confident I won’t like.

There are some I want to see and haven’t gotten around to. Ground Hog Day; Annie Hall

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Annie Hall, but I think I’ll live through the embarrassment. I tired to watch it once, but I couldn’t make it. I don’t think Woody Allen is funny or clever, or appealing or worth a pinch of sh*t.

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Avatar. I cannot imagine anyone not seeing Titanic! That and Gone With the Wind were just so…so fantastic! The Godfather was very good, too. How about The Graduate?? Anyone not seen that?
Or Sleepless in Seattle?? Gosh; I even bought the soundtrack to that one.

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I have not yet seen Avatar. Of course, there are no cinemas here in my little town.

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I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies. But, I’m not embarrassed b/c I am pretty sure I wouldn’t like them.
Also (this isn’t a movie, it’s a television show) I have never seen an episode of “Friends”. I seem to be the only person. I’m actually pretty proud of that.

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I live in Seattle, and have not seen Sleepless in Seattle, and don’t plan to, though I wouldn’t mind. Lots of Tom Hanks I haven’t seen, as I’m not as excited about Hanks as others seem to be. Forrest Gump is another. If I see Gump, I don’t expect to be thrilled.

Even moreso TV: No Friends, no ER, no Seinfeld

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All I ever watch are horror movies, so I’ve actually missed out on a hell of a lot. I’ve not seen a single Star Wars movie, old or new, but I feel embarrassed about that, so I’ve actually lied about seeing some before. Lawl I’m retarded. I haven’t seen Avatar either. OR any of the Godfather movies.

@jenandcolin No. I’ve never watched Friends either. I’ve also never watched Lost, Heroes or Doctor Who, not a one, not even once.

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I am embarassed not to have seen many films, but the one that gets me the most looks is Donnie Darko, since it is exactly the quirky odd cultish kind of movie I like.

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@filmfann It took me a while to see Donnie Darko, too. It was that movie and Fight Club that would always get me looks. Finally, I sat down and watched both of them in one night and was so fascinated that I bought them immediately. I couldn’t believe I waited that long. Definitely see Donnie Darko when you get the chance. :)

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Most of what was produced in the last ten years. I’m catching up on Star Wars and Star Trek on DVD. I’ll need recommendations on which horror flicks to catch up on.

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The film everyone has seen…and I have not seen? (And will never see?) Titanic.

The classic film I’m embarrassed to say I have never watched? Dr. Strangelove.

The films I wish I had not watched? The Last King of Scotland (the violence was too much for me——I realize it was a true story, but it really gave me nightmares) and Highlander 2 (This was not a true story, but it was so badly done that it, too, gave me nightmares.)

The film that attempted to re-do a classic film as a musical that I wish I had not seen? Lost Horizon (the musical). The original was superb. The musical was truly embarrassing.
Liv Ullman singing? Uh…no.

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Oh, I think you’ll enjoy Strangelove. Hilarious.

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Q: Have you ever gotten a surprised reaction from someone after telling them about a film you haven’t seen?

A: Sure, but I don’t care. No reason to be embarrassed. (Actually it’s more likely to be their telling me about a film I haven’t seen.) I bet I’ve seen more films they’ve missed than vice versa. If they give a film a good recommendation, though, and I have reason to think we have similar tastes, I’ll at least look it up on NetFlix.

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Movie theaters really gross me out. So I never see anything once they come out. I just saw Avatar and was pretty disgusted with it. And it took me longer than I’d like to admit to see The Godfather.

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Second Hand Lions

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land – If you go for SciFi, then the Alien series is a good one. Plenty of gore and exploding bodies when the alien babies pop out, and also truly suspensful and terrifying! If ScFi turns you off and you want something more down to earth, the Friday the 13th series (the dude in the hockey mask), is plenty gory and suspenseful (even a little too gory for my taste). But you can’t beat Alien,, IMO. Other honorable mentions: Cat People (the one with Natasia Kinsky). An American Werewolf in London (okay, this is more of a comedy than horror, but it has its share of gore and suspense, and every horror fan needs to have this in his collection, IMO).

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I have tried repeatedly to watch Citizen Kane whenever they rerun it on one of the classics channels.

But I just get bored and mentally tune out totally. As long as one knows the significance of “Rosebud” (the big deal ending twist) that’s about all one needs.

It’s supposed to be this amazingl work of filmmaking showcasing the genius of a young Orson Welles but I just found it to be tedious and boring.

As for current films, I find it largely unnecessary to be in such a rush to see them. I enjoy them just as well a few years later when they’re cheaper or free. A good film is a good film and holds up well over time.

But just for curiosity, for those of you who have seen Citizen Kane, did you find it as all-fired special as it’s cracked ip to be? If you enjoyed it, why ?

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Buttonstc “Citizen Kane” was revolutionary for its time, Welles created the prototype that so many others have since followed. The film is now really of historical interest; you’re not missing much by not having seen it.

Buttonstc's avatar

The prototype of what exactly?

All films or a certain type of film ?

I know that every film nerd and serious critics like Siskel, Ebert, et al rave about it ad nauseum, but they just speak in superlatives and generalities never explaining WHY.

I get the impression we are all just supposed to follow along like sheep but not question it. It’s just sort of treated as a given.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Buttonstc Prototype to the deep, analytical approach to a single character. Before that, films were more conventional story-telling; fables, historical or love-story fantasies.

Buttonstc's avatar

Thanks. At least that clarifies things a bit.

So whether it’s boring or not depends upon which character is being studied I guess.

I just found it positively stultifying and just couldn’t force myself to be interested.

At least now I sort of understand why and I’m not embarrassd in the slightest.

Generally speaking I really love character and “slice of life” type of films even little known ones like Corrina, Corrina (one of Whoopi Goldberg’s best performances) and The Education of Little Tree which no one I’ve yet met has ever heard of but have loved greatly when they did see it.

Individual tastes vary greatly. So film nerds can rhapsodize about CK and they are welcome to it. I’ll continue to take a pass.

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I find Citizen Kane enjoyable mainly because it is very well done. It’s better acted and directed and scripted and more visually and otherwise interesting than most recent films I see, for my tastes, anyway. It has a very wide arc and range of drama, and shows the phases of public and private life of an interesting main character, and several related characters, the public view of him, etc.

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CK is also a cinematic masterpiece in that the camera is used in ways that it never was before. Welles insisted that the interiors have ceilings, for instance, for verismo – that had been hitherto unheard of – all sets before had been open at the top for the convenience of boom mikes and overhead shots, but he felt people would “feel” a difference without realizing why, and he was correct. The film has been analyzed shot-by-shot, and was a revelation to other cinematographers who quickly adopted the techniques which have now become so familiar that they are no longer shocking. Try watching it with “fresh eyes”. If you love cinema, you will love the movie. Forget about the plot.

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Pulp Fiction, the Godfather series, the Matrix.

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@le_inferno for gosh sakes…see Pulp Fiction! You can’t know the facts till you’ve seen the Fiction.

bob_'s avatar

@le_inferno And see The Godfather!

Everything I need to know in life I learned from The Godfather. Hell, so many people haven’t seen it, I’ll just go ahead and give you a summary:

We don’t talk about business around the dinner table.

You don’t need to plead the fifth if you are a good liar.

A refusal is not an act of a friend.

When the boss tells you to push a button on the guy, you push the button.

Women and children can be careless, men can’t be careless.

FBI don’t respect nothin’.

Blood is a big expense.

A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Negotiation and lying are basically the same thing.

Don’t ever take sides with anybody against the family. Ever.

Dead make for good leverage.

If he starts crying… offer him a drink.

If she starts crying… hit her.

If anything in life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone.

Discontent for money is just a trick of the rich to keep the poor without it.

Sicilian women are as dangerous as shotguns.

Don’t let anybody outside the family know what you are thinking.

Don’t hate your enemies – it clouds your judgment.

Sometimes it’s dangerous to be an honest man.

A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns, but if you got 100 men with guns, don’t trade ‘em in for some lawyer!.

Don’t tell me you’re innocent, it insults my intelligence.

Vaffanculo you!

Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.

Power wears out those who do not have it.

When they come… they come at what you love.

Treachery is everywhere.

The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends.

Your country ain’t your blood. Remember that.

For justice we must go on our knees to Don Corleone.

The Don does not request a second favor once refused the first. Understand?

All the power in the world can’t change destiny.

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@filmfann It’s on my Netflix queue! and Don’t worry, @bob_, I’ll get around to it sometime ;)

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Seem like anytime I mention I haven’t seen 2001 A Space Odyssey or The Godfather, I get lots of crap about it. So don’t worry @le_inferno, You’re not alone, and they are also on my soon to watch list.

The other movie I have yet to see, but seem like everyone else has is Titanic…however, in no way am I embarrassed, but actually very proud!

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I have almost no interest in seeing “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I think I’d be more interested in seeing Jimmy Stewart as the villain in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Totally Fuck Up Xmas”.

I think the only parts of “Casablanca” that I’ve seen are those that were shown in “Play it Again Sam”. :p

The only reason I saw the first two “Godfather” movies was that I was lonely. I feel bottomless shame for not wanting to see any of the other mobster movies nor “Apocalypse Now”. :p

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I was a bit embarrassed about not having seen Avatar yet. The mistake was rectified 2 months ago.

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I have an astigmatism, so I don’t see in 3D even in the real world. When I look at something, I usually only use one eye at a time. So I have to wait for all these 3D movies to come out on DVD before I can see them…

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@Buttonstc – regarding Citizen Kane – It goes way beyond just deep focus and hidden ceiling mics. From the entirely unique opening, through a complex circular structure, unprecedented lighting, dialogue, composition, editing, SUBJECT, on through to it’s non-solution resolution (which so mysteriously brings closure), it’s just a technical/talent virtuoso spectacle all the way around – and co-written/directed/acted by a 25yo with no film making experience and no studio supervision. It pushed the envelope on so many fronts, and still sticks together. It’s a miracle. There really is nothing like it even to this day.

BFI Sight and Sound polls the world’s top critics and directors, who have voted it #1 for five decades on the trot. Not exactly a slouch crew; not exactly caught-up in irrational exuberance; not exactly isolated to a single culture or era.

The mysticism surrounding the movie is no small matter either. It is thought that “Rosebud” was the pet name for Marion Davies’s labium minora – and when the movie came out this so infuriated Hurst that he spent the rest of his life successfully burying Orson Well’s career.

Frankly – if you’re touting Whoopi Goldberg over Citizen Kane, you may not have the aptitude for film art, and should best stick to entertainment.

Or you may want to checkout the DVD special features commentary tracks with Peter Bogdanovich and Roger Ebert to get a better shot-by-shot sense for some of the groundbreaking technique/style/decisions exhibited in Citizen Kane. Or you might review this so that you have a better understanding of film art. And then maybe read a little about film making technique via Understanding Movies, by Giannetti – a great book.

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Well, I will just settle for quoting Facade’s comment upthread:

“Damn, people are snippy today.”

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