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What foreign country's foods would you say feature strongly in your diet?

Asked by ucme (49634points) June 18th, 2010

Wherever you live whatever your tastes.What delicious meals/foods do you enjoy that originate from a country other than your own?

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Hummus, salsa, black beans and brown rice, pita bread.

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I love indian food. No breakfast beats daal and coffee.

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Italy, India, Mexico, France, Persia, Ethiopia, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, I’m sure there are many more.

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India/Pakistan. We have some great local curry places.

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Mostly USA, Italy, Ireland (gotta love potatoes), and India.

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Italy, England, and Japan mostly, with token appearances by many others.

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I guess if you are in New York it’s a lot easier to eat foods from a very broad range of places.

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I suppose that there is no country called Yiddish (except in Michael Chabon’s imagination).

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Italian and Mexican

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French & Italian

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Most of the above when I have the time and/or opportunity – at home, Jewish, English, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Chinese influence our cooking.

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Most Mexican food is Americanized, so I don’t count that. And I grew up on my granny’s cooking; it’s hardly foreign. Plus, everything comes from another country, except native American traditional food.

I love Thai food and Japanese food. At least the Americanized versions.

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Mexico- comes from my Texican roots! It’s hard to get away from old habbits, but in New Orleans I have been learning some Italian dishes…. This thread is making me hungry!

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Quite the cosmoplitan lot aren’t we? Good stuff but as stated i’d like to hear about specific dishes that you enjoy particularly.Thanks.Wow i’m a nosey so & so.

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Best soup in the world. I go on Tom Kha Gai benders.

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@tinyfaery Drools slurps, must remember to use the correct spoon.

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Medittaranean food, Indian food, Russian food, Pan-Asian food, Japanese food, Ethiopian food, Mexican food.

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Italian, Chinese

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@ucme To answer your specific question; an Indian dish we have often at home is channa; a spicey chickpea and tomato dish.

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Sashimi. Or bangers and mash. Or fish and chips. Or pollo rollatine (chicken rolled with prosciutto and mozzarella in a marsala wine and mushrooms sauce).

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@janbb Thanks for that.

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Chinese, Mexican.

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China, southeast Asia, Middle East and central Europe.

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China, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Germany, France, Ireland, Mexico, & India.

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ooooooo Italian for me :-) never met a pasta I didn’t like but my special faves include cannelloni (beef is great but my personal yuuuuuummmm version is made with spinach and riccota) Macaroni cheese… homemade of course and I like to add garlic to my cheese sauce (add a bib and call me happy). So many beautiful sauces in Italian cooking!! enough to make a diet disappear never to be thought of again. I like to think I make a mean lasange if I say so myself lol. I love that there are millions of ways to cook without meat (but also just as many with of course) you can find some amazing vegetarian versions of old faves here and here I’m not entirely vegetarian yet but moving that way I think. How can I mention Italian food without mentioning pizza? Homemade though, with only your very favourite toppings. Better yet, make a few with tons of assorted toppings then grab a few friends, couple of great movies to watch, some beers, couple of nice bottles of vino or whatever you fancy and indulge. Wonderful!!
hugs xx

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