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How do you pass a marijuana drug test in one day?

Asked by sneakatoke420 (46points) June 18th, 2010

My friend is getting drug tested later today, we need to know how to pass it in a matter of hours.

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Avoid marijuana in the following hours?

Though I suspect you meant, how to pass the test if you’ve already rolled the joint. Don’t think anything works, dude.

Should have listened to Afroman.

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This link may be helpful. When did your friend smoke? Is this for work?

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No idea in one day. Depends how much fat content in the body and how long ago they smoked. If your friend knew there was a possiblity of getting tested, they should have abstained. It’s just not worth it.

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I don’t think that’s possible in one day.

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Unless your friend doesn’t use his/her real urine, or if so, dilutes it.

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Your friend is screwed.

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This is a joke question, right?

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You may also want to drop your “friend” a little hint.

If they are determined enough, they can also test hair samples to determine drug use for as much as 6 mos back.

So, unless one is willing to shave their head totally bald…

It’s not routinely done, but it is a possibility.

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Ok did some research.

Drink a 8oz glass of olive oil. Cake as much oregano under both armpits as possible.

Drink another 8oz glass of tomato juice. Eat 4 cloves of garlic. After an hour remove the oregano and replace with Allspice. wait 20 min. then shower with cold water.
Chew (not eat) on two sticks of cinnamon.

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@ChazMaz did you make that up?

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Chaz wins this question ! !

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In college athletics the norm was to do your level best at a 5gal bottle of water.

You cannot get rid of the drug trace, but for diluting it [assuming a piss test].

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Your friend will need to find his exact double and hope that the double didn’t smoke a joint the day befoe a drugs test.

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if this is a pee test you eat pectin the stuff used for canning. the morning of the test. works on pee test only. google erowid for more details on how to do it and yes it works.

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There are vales you can buy that work. They make you poop for a bit then go pee.

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@ChazMaz I’d rather get Life than drink 8oz of olive oil.

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@Aster – Well, the reason for the shower. If you can get down 8oz of olive oil and the tomato juice. And make it an hour and 20 min. You would have shit yourself by then and puked on the family dog.

The spice is just for fun.

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It used to be a brand name of a jar of stuff you buy, just for passing drug tests. I havent had to use it since 2006. You drink it and I took some pill supplements as well to help ensure.

I just googled drug vales and found it and synthetic pee with warmer as well..

Flax seed is also good, I just found. There are ways of winning.

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