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Which food and/or drinks sounds disgust you?

Asked by rebbel (31800points) June 18th, 2010

And while we’re at it, which sounds you think are just heavenly.
What almost makes me puke is the sound of breaking chocolate (like in commercials for Magnum ice creams) and the sound of wine being poured in to a glass (glock glock glock).
You have some?

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Mayo. Blech. Gag. Have you seen Undercover Brother? The mayo scene makes me want to vomit.

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I hate to sound that is made when someone is eating a sandwich. While scraping their nails across a chalk board.

Seriously… I mean I am serious.. I mean seriously.

Just eat with your mouth closed. That is all I ask.

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The sound of some kinds of sea food being cracked, for instance lobster, crab etc. Yuck, that cr….....ack sound!

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Remember the film Witches of Eastwick, where the woman pukes up all of those cherry pits? I saw that when I was little and the sound and visual was horrifying. I can’t stand to eat cherries now.

Not much else bothers me unless someone is chewing abnormally loud and I hate it when you can loudly hear people swallow their food. I don’t know what foods cause this, but it makes me want to punch them in the jugular. Giggles.

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The taste of honey makes me want to puke, so does mayo, and cottage cheese.

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Roe from a sea urchin. Blecgh! (It’s a delicacy in Japan and other parts of Asia.)

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Gum snapping, and the sounds people make if they chew the stuff with their mouths open. UGH! ::shudders::

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Story time.

One night, probably about ten or twelve years ago now, I was sleeping over at my cousin’s house. We were in the family room downstairs where the computer and his video game systems were. I was playing… Earthworm Jim, I think… and he was on the computer. Suddenly, I heard this sound like macaroni and cheese being stirred. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked, pausing my game to turn around and have a look. Turns out he was in a chat room and one of the girls had been talked into masturbating with her microphone.

I have never looked at mac and cheese in quite the same way again.

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I love macaroni and cheese.

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Someone eating celery.

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Alright, so I’m picturing what it sounds like to stir macaroni and cheese while visualizing a chick masturbating with a microphone as I’m sitting here eating pizza bagel bites and now I want to upchuck.

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Kraft Dinner rocks, or at least, it did until this thread made me think of the stirring sound as some dude fucking a corpse.

But yeah, I agree with Vunessuh; I hate it when I hear someone swallow. My mom always used to do that. It’s like dude, I don’t wanna hear you swallow your fucking shit, is it so hard to swallow silently goddamn it?

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I can’t think of any food sounds that get to me . . . let me think . . . . if gum is a food, the sound of people snapping gum makes me gag . . .

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Large tortilla chips, that big breath sound people make when they try to get it in their mouth followed by the single minded chomping sound. Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp. Sounds like a job.

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Tom Collins?? No thank you! A Pamela Anderson?? Make it a double!! ;)

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Gum snapping.

Chewing with open mouth.

Slurping or gulping liquids.

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@Neizvestnaya OMG that is the worst and my MIL smacks her food…you would think she has no teeth….<smack…smack smack smack> Drives me insane!! Arrghhhh!!

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@MacBean You described that so vividly I almost lost me lunch. Bravo.

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A sound of Breaking Chocolate wrapper will be good….

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