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Worst movie you've seen recently?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25307points) June 18th, 2010

Since I asked about the best movies everyone has seen recently, I suppose I should ask what the worst were.

For me it was the Time Traveler’s Wife and My Sister’s Keeper. I know I’m late in seeing them, but ugh… I thought they were both terrible movies. You?

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The recent remake of The Wolfman was the most recent bad movie I have seen.

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@filmfann aww, I haven’t seen that yet, and I wanted to. That’s a bummer to hear :(

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I love the Wolfman character, so this was a hard film not to like.

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Are we talking quality, plot, or just all around stupid movies? If it’s quality, I just watched the recent-ish Nancy Drew movie for the second time and realized how cheaply it was made. (I just helped make a movie for a friend and ever since I’ve been paying attention to stuff like this.) If it’s plot, I’d have to say it’s Wall-E. I know everybody says it’s got an amazing message and that we need to wake up and listen to it, but I just thought it was a stupid movie. I fell asleep in the middle of it. That’s the one movie I’ve fallen asleep in. Seriously. Then there’s movies that are just painful to watch…..but I try to block them out or turn them off before they get engraved in my head.

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I got up and walked out of Avatar. I thought the plot was transparent, the acting was silly, and the directing was, at its best, absent. I came away with the idea that someone had figured out how to do some really neat special effects, so “Let’s make a movie!” without giving thought to plot, characterization, or other such details.

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@hawaii_jake Thank you for giving me that excuse for not seeing it. From the ads, it looked like a lot of weird special effects thrown into somebody’s computer and they sold the DVDs that came out.

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Burn After Reading was so lame I felt sorry for the actors.

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Paranormal Activity

what a waste of time!

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@jonsblond You’re right, it was the worst.

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@Silhouette yep it was terrible. So was Men Who Stare at Goats. Fell Asleep.
@jonsblond that one too. I don’t think we were supposed to be laughing all the way through.

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My husband just brought home Men Who Stare at Goats. I’m NOT looking forward to that.

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Goats was such a disappointment. I was actually looking forward to that one.

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That’s the worst. When you WANT to see a movie, and it turns out to be crud. That was how I felt about the two I mentioned in my question. I read the books, and although I didn’t like TTW as a book, I thought maybe the movie would be good. Possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. (Though I’m not usually the chick-flick type, so I may be biased.)

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Any and every Scooby Doo movie after about 1985-animated or live action!

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the lovely bones was terrible. like pan your head left and right to look at the other people in the room with your mouth wide open terrible. wow, was that movie bad.

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Clash of the Titans.

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Only counting 2010, I’ve seen just one feature film thus far and I was extremely disappointed: Alice in Wonderland, I’m lookin’ at you. Tim Burton shackled fantastic talent to a dull anchor of a script and tossed it off. Talk about landing with a thud. I got no sense that any of it meant anything, nor did any of the characters resonate emotionally for me.

It was worse than panto, Tim! At least panto is fun! What’s happened to you?

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Wow. A few of the movies mentioned here so far would’ve made it onto my list of best movies I’ve seen recently, if I’d watched them in the past month.

Anyway, going through the same movies I used to come up with that list, here are the movies I’ve recently rated only one star, which means I didn’t just dislike them, I felt like my time was wasted and it’s a shame I’ll never be able to get it back:

- The Unborn (The only good thing I can say about this movie is that it was less than an hour and a half long, so I didn’t waste too much of my life.)
Death Tunnel (Inanity and misogyny and shitty dialogue, oh my! I can’t even begin to describe how fucking stupid this movie was.)
Case 39 (Boring, predictable, no noteworthy acting, nothing especially visually appealing, nothing special in the sound/music department, no great characters…)
The Gray Man (Seriously, how do you manage to make the story of Albert Fish boring!?)
Feed (My own fault. I should have known better, really. I can handle 2 girls 1 cup better than I can handle sploshing.)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (There were maybe ten minutes total that I didn’t find hopelessly boring. And I couldn’t separate the actor who played Henry from his role in Mallrats…)

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@aprilsimnel I actually felt the same way about Alice In Wonderland, and I am a die hard Tim Burton fan. Truly disappointing. :\

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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

In my opinion, this was the most disappointing sequel since “The Phantom Menace” (yes, it’s a prequil, but no need to split hairs).

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I actually really liked Goats. And I refuse to see Alice because I’ve heard Burton kinda hates Alice (the literary character so many love) and just thought it would be a wonderful platform for a rather generic movie of his. I’d rather watch a depiction that gives a damn about the original story.

Blind Side. I mean, wtf was that? I could have spent that time at my dentists getting a cavity filled, dammit!

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Boondock Saints ll vs. Bad Lietenant Port of Call vs. Bounty Hunter
It’s a three way tie for movies I’ve gone to the theater for.

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I also really liked Goats

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Alright, well I will give it a chance, then. :)


I rented a movie called “Little Darlings” with Kristy McNichol (?), thinking it would be a good movie for my family to watch, but it turned out to be the opposite! Sigh. I don’t know if anyone else here has seen the movie, yeech.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I’ve seen it, several times. I was a teenager in the 80s when I watched it, so I could kind of relate to the characters issues that they were dealing with. I enjoyed it, but I can see how someone that isn’t a teenager wouldn’t like it. My husband enjoyed it too when he was younger, but that’s because he had a crush on Kristy at the time. ;)


@jonsblond Actually, my little ones didn’t watch most of the movie, for after a rather surprising opening scene involving Kristy, I deemed it too “mature” for my children, who are only 7 and 5 years-old.

I can see why your hubby had a crush on this girl. Cute and sassy. Heh. ;)

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@MRSHINYSHOES Oh. I would definitely not let my 7 year old watch that movie. I can see why you were disappointed. The title of the film was a bit misleading, wasn’t it.


@jonsblond It appeared to me as I was renting it from the video store that it was an innocent movie of two young girls and about friendship. Kristy and that other girl looked innocent enough, but I was completely wrong. Like I said, the opening scene with Kristy being propositioned by a pesty guy was enough for me to replace the movie with a cartoon instead. Quite frankly, I was stunned by what “innocent Kristy” did. ;) Sigh.

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I just saw One Day solely because Matt Berry has a five minute scene in it. I didn’t think it sounded like a movie I’d typically go to see, but I figured that if Elvis Costello was writing music for it, it couldn’t be that bad! I never had anything against Jim Sturgess either.

Ended up walking out a bit more than halfway through it. Up until that point I’d predicted everything that happened at least a ‘year’ before it happened. (the premise of the film is two friends-turned-lovers who just happen to have major events occur on the same day every single year for 20 anticlimactic years)

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