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Are you working because you want to be doing whatever it is your job/career entails or just so that you have money?

Asked by Facade (22889points) June 18th, 2010

If your answer is both, which is more important to you (working for enjoyment v. working for money)?
Have you ever had to defend your motivation to work?

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I just work to live!! :-/ sad huh!!!

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I enjoy what I do, but if I won the lotto, I’d GTFO in a hurry.

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@bob_ You bring up another interesting conversation. I know a person who would still work at their current job if they won the lotto.

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I am now doing what I am doing to finally gain total control over my life. Come October I will finally have the ability to do what I want when I want and still get paid! ;)

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@Cruiser Sounds great =)
@Scooby Hopefully, that won’t be the case for long

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When I worked it was because I had to. So I convinced myself that I liked what I was doing.

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I’m a computer geek in my day job (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! It’s a secret ;-), and I enjoy what I do. But if I had my druthers, I’d rather not have to work for a living.

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Before I was disabled, I enjoyed my work so much, I’d have done it full time for free even if I had a huge income I would have gotten without working.

If I were still able, I’d do it for free as long as I would not have my disability income taken away from me.

OK, I’m pretty unusual, but then again was the kind of work I enjoyed doing; not everybody’s cup of tea.

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I enjoy what I do but want to make more money!

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This is not my ideal career but I do not mind doing what I do now – I know it’s not forever and I’m the one of the two of us working full time, so we need the money.

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I love my profession but the place I work at is only pretty good. Very stable (good), but crazy hours with mediocre pay (not so good). But I’m not complaining – I’ve certainly worked at worse places.

If I won the lottery, I’d still work in my field – but I’d leave my current job.

But ultimately, don’t we all work for the money?

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“If you don’t want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so that you won’t have to work.”Ogden Nash

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I love my career and plan to continue working until I am no longer physically able. If I won the lottery, I’d still continue working. I could quit working right now if I wanted to and we would survive on my husband’s pay, but I love being a nurse to much to do that.

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I would enjoy my job but I still need money for my living. “No money no life”.

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I have to say I wouldn’t have joined the military just for the money. This is a seriously stressful job sometimes, and on other days, it can be downright boring. Oh wait, it’s like any other job! haha.
But seriously, I love my job, I don’t stick with things for the money anymore. I plan to make the Navy a career.

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I enjoy my work, but that’s mostly because I don’t have to do much. I can spend my time writing, which is what I really love. I do enjoy the work, too, but they don’t need me too much. Which is too bad in a way. I’m starting up several new initiatives, and they are taking off, which means I have to do more work. This does not make me happy. I have to work harder because I always have to do better than the last time. If I screw up—I’ll feel like I’ll get fired.

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I worked for the same company for 24 years and accepted promotions when offered because I was under the impression that success was all about “moving up the ladder.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the “Peter Principle” at the time.

Money is important to survive, but when you are devoting ⅓ or more of your life to a job (and there is a reason it is called “work”), it should be for something you are passionate about.

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I am a programmer, and I like writing code, but not for someone else and on their terms

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I am working to pay bills. There are aspects of what I do that I find intellectually challenging, but the stress of the demands at work make it not much fun to do. They keep piling on more and more work without an increase in salary, as more and more staff is cut. I took time off this week to meet with contractors about house repairs, and had stress dreams about work the last two mornings.

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would i continue working if it were for free? Hells no. i don’t mind the work i do, i like my boss and my coworkers, but given a choice i would prefer to do something like one of my hobbies and get paid for it.

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I’m doing what I thought I wanted to be doing for the last 30 years, but losing my partner took all enjoyment out of everything. If I have to continue living, I suppose that what I do is preferable to anything else. Most days, I have to kick myself in the ass to get out of bed. I don’t need the money, but I have to justify my existence in some way.

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I retired in my early forties, but miss interacting with the public. However, not enough to work for someone else. I’d like to feel more integral to society…but, I used to work about 70 hrs. a week…and, now love to hang around in my nightgown as much as I want.

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Just for the money. If I was working for the love of the work I’d be an artist but I’d also starve. (Yes I tried it, and managed to make a net loss.)

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The latter. The latter. Not really.

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Right now I work just for the money, I try to remove my identity from my job, take my money and enjoy living. In the past then I had a few jobs I really enjoyed including my own business. I’d like to say working for myself was the better of the two but once I got a job that paid more than I’d ever made before then my attitude changed because having more money to “live life” was GREAT!

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At the moment it’s just because I need the money but I am working towards being able to work for the love of my job s well.

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I guess it’ll always be the case but when I get my NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (IGC) sorted out it will be less work & more money :-/ maybe…

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Just because i need the money. I’m not making money yet out of the things i actually enjoy doing, but i hope to be able to do so some time. Working for enjoyment is far superior to working for money, but that’s often easier said than done – you don’t always have the best of options when it comes to what job you do to enable you to live the lifestyle you want.
Having said that, i don’t completely hate what i do, i work for myself (business owner), me and my husband own the businesses together, so we work from home together, and we make a decent living. So i can’t complain really. But doing something you despise every single day is really no good way to live….it must be awful.

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