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How does your dog tell you they need to go outside?

Asked by mcw (208points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

barking, standing at door, ringing a bell etc?
My male paces the length of the living room. I’m still waiting to see how my 3 mo old pup will inform me.

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My mom has a yorkie and she runs to my mom, then to the door. Back and forth, back and forth, until my mom gets the hint.

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My dog just stands in front of the door until someone notices that she needs to go outside.

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Our pekineee Bao Bei will sit right in front of us and stare till we say “peepee?” then he’ll bark and run to the back door.

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stare at me until we ask then he barks at the question to answer and jump and down at the door knob. He has hops better then a bunny

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They search a family member out and stare, prompting us to return the eye contact. Then they bolt to the door when we ask, “Do you need to go out?”

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They go out the doggie door.

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stands at the door and looks needy.
if ignored, scratches the door a single time in an irresistibly cute manner.

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I hang a bell on a ribbon from the doorknob and ring it when I let the dogs out. Now they ring it with their noses when they want out. Works well!

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My male Beagle mix scratches at the kitchen door, my sister’s female Whippet/Lab who we’ve taken in approaches me fidgety and when I ask if she needs to go out she’ll do a little dance in affirmation (it took me some time to get that established as she used to just follow my Beagle mix when he’d go out).

It’s hardly necessary for them to inform me however as I keep the kitchen door open during the day giving them the freedom to go out on their own.

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