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What will you do in this situation?(see detail)

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) June 19th, 2010

You’re a young lady(if you’re a man then you become a woman in this scenario). Today you have an appointment with the man you’ve been dating for two weeks and you agree to go with him. The date starts at night and you both enjoy your time together with dinner,movies,shopping,etc till it’s too late(12am) and you know it’s the time to go home. He wants to take you home,then both of you get into his car and he starts to drive his car. But in your journey home you realized that this time he takes another path and it’s getting longer than usual(he gave you some reason like traffic jam,road issue,etc,and you believed him) your surroundings become dark and darker. Then he stopped his car at a secluded area where not many people could be seen there. the first second it’s just so quiet and both of you don’t talk to each other. You know something is going to happen,you don’t really trust this guy and you don’t want to do ‘it’ yet. He closes all doors of his car and you realized that,then he’s starting to take a move,jump to your side,and…and… You said you don’t want to do this,etc but he won’t listen. He said you’re just scared and he’s in his horny state and are going to…you know…right away. You realized you probably can’t fight this man and you don’t bring anything useful in your purse,just some women stuff. The question here is what will you say and do in this situation? Will you just give up?

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I would punch him in his private part as hard as I can, i don’t care if he wont have babies, it’s his fault I told him to stop but he doesn’t. I would punch him harder and harder and then open the car and escape….at least I could just continue walking somewhere in the dark than be near him. Then when I find a place far away from him I could just sit under a tree ( even though I am really scared of snakes) and then just sit there until it’s in the morning then I would try to find my way…..

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kick him in the nuts grabyour perss and run, call someone you know to pick you up.

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Tell him to get the f off of me. run AWAY and call a friend or the police for a ride.

date rape is real. it is your choice.

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This is probably abduction and attempted rape. He’ll be looking down the business end of my Glock at this point.

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Fight like Hell! If possible, a few well-placed fingers to the eyes, a seatbelt around his neck, the oft-mentioned dick punch . . . . get to the car keys (great weapon) and throw them out the car door . . . . and I often carry a pocket knife—I would use any resources I could find.

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If I can’t talk my way out of this situation, I would surely fight hard and dirty. A knee to the nuts, gouging to the eyes and trying to pull his rear view mirror off to knock him upside the head would be a few things to come to mind. If I could get out the car, hopefully there would be some rocks or maybe some empty bottles around which I would try to use as a weapon. Whew! Glad I never found myself in that kind of situation.

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This is exactly why I don’t ride with boys in cars . . . .

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That depends. Does HE have a weapon? I’m a fighter- I fight HARD when need be. If there’s a weapon involved and he has the upperhand? No sense in getting myself killed- just succumb.

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I’ll ask him if he has any condom and if the answer is “no” then a kick to his face,try to escape(I know I’m not that strong to fight a man),and SCREAM OUT LOUD! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!

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@Taciturnu He’s bare handed but he’s a strong man. Are you sure you can fight and win from a man?

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It’s called taking you own car till you know the person well enough.

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I get out of the car and start walking home. If he follows, I pick up the first weaponish looking thing I can get my hands on. When he says get back in the car, I tell him not if my life depended on it. If he comes after me, I go at him like a scared, desperate woman and I fight like my life depends on it.

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@ChazMaz I see. But you still haven’t answered my question.

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@Silhouette How can you get out of the car if he had you in his hand? He won’t let you get out so easily anyway.

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I lean in for a kiss and I bite his lower lip off. I think he’ll let go at that point to grab his smarting mouth.

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@Silhouette I see. And his blood would be all around.

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Ok, I see.

You jab your fingers into his eyes. Really hard and get away. Or/and use the mace you should have in your purse.

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@Silhouette – Now that is just turning me on. ;-)

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lol I am cracking up at the answers on here:):):)):

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@ChazMaz I appreciate your advice. Actually,you’re the victim in this question not me.

@Thesexier Probably.

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@Doctor_D – Well then my first answer stands. :-)

I would not have got into that situation to begin with.

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Depending on the speed of the vehicle as we are driving, I would have jumped out of the vehicle once I felt that something was wrong if I felt I could do it somewhat safely. If I could not have jumped out of the vehicle, I would fight back as best as I could to get away. A palm strike to the nose can be very affective at stunning someone and giving time to escape. I would try anything I could think of to get away (eye pokes, groin shots (with whichever part of my body could reach at the time), a strong punch to the stomach (knocking the wind out of him), kidney shots, or a chop right to the throat come to mind). Once I got out of his car, I would try to remember to get his license plate number (just in case everything he had told me was a lit up to that point). I realize that would not be a thought for most people in the event of hurrying to get away, but I do tend to think about stuff like that even in stressful and scary situations.

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@ChazMaz “I would not have got into that situation to begin with.” Exactly.

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my first thought was “kick in the nuts,” but someone already said that! Adding to their comment, they said they get out the car and run real fast…if you kick him the nuts, just right, you can walk!

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hmm… I would definetly try to fight him. I would try to make up excuses, like I’m HIV posative or something. if I had a cell phone I would call 911 and leave the phone off the hook. I would try my best to get out of the car.

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He’s premeditated taking advantage of me should I resist so I’m going to slam him in the crotch and down on his nose. If able I’ll try to unlock the car and roll him out, take the car and go to safety. Seconding that, I’ll try to take the car keys out of the ignition, lock him in and set off the remote alarm. I would not give in and expect him to leave me alive, the odds are against it.

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Woah all my answers are used up already..But as you already know, kick him as hard a you can (where the sun dont shine) and jump out, you can walk for a while to call for help but then run.

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Women are taught not to end up in these situations. I would never, and have never, done what you described. And if anyone, ever, tried to attack me, well I’m trained to take-down attackers and get the heel outta Dodge.

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First of all…I would always, always take my own car. Always. And I have usually been able to “suss” out someone at dinner. Someone tried to follow me home once. I stopped by the side of the road and let that person get ahead of me. He turned around and came back. I told him to “Go home or I will drive to the police station.” It worked. The thing to do is to remain calm. I would inform someone of my whereabouts and always keep my cell phone close by.

I was caught in difficult social situations when I was a student. I used my wits to get out. I think that I had to learn the hard way that being a “Southern girl” with “nice manners” didn’t extend to the brutes that sometimes had other things on their mind. At times (and what I have noticed in this country) is that you cannot even be polite/nice to someone as it is depicted as “flirting” or “wanting something else”. It’s sheer madness, really.

At the moment, I saw that the person was not going to be taking me where it was intended, I would probably begin to talk calmly about how I needed to “just get one more thing” from somewhere and could he stop…for some breath mints or a drink or something at a local convenience shop and when he stopped——I would bolt for the ladies room and not come out until the police were called. If that didn’t happen,I would fake an epileptic fit and tell him that I am dying and he needs to stop the car. Or I would begin to make loud and strange noises or laugh uncontrollably——anything to put him off guard to escape. A lot of these strange guys like a woman to resist. I would use my brain first and if that failed, then I would use brawn.

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Anyone who takes you to a place without informing you of where you’re going and asking for your consent is already prepared to do you harm and if they’re prepared to do you harm then they’re prepared not to let you get them in trouble for it and the rest is up to their imagination and your worst fears. Carry a celly, let people know where you are as you travel or go away for a weekend or overnight. The beauty of texting your “date” will know you keep in contact with people throughout the day and probably not choose you for their mark. Let people you don’t know well yet that you are in constant touch with your friends and family even if you aren’t. Tell them up front in dating that you don’t go places without an itinerary and contact info.

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Something that worked for a friend of mine in an extremely similar situation was yelling, “BEES” and acting as if she was trying to get them off her. The man ran for his car and was gone before she knew it.

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@Cassandra_The_Crusader Love that. Welcome to fluther.

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Anyone suspect Dr D was stroking his member while writing out this scenario?

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Punch him in the sterum and run away. That hurts like hell, trust me.

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Base of the palm jammed upward into the nose, as hard as you can. If you nail it right, bone splinters will go into the brain.

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@bolwerk I didn’t until you mentioned it. Thanks lol

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@bolwerk I was stroking my cat. LOL. Beside,I’m a she not he.

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I see rape cases all the time. Quite often a woman decides to not add getting beat up on top of being raped, and stops resisting.

The choice as far as how hard to fight is individual. Making the choice to not fight and hoping to avoid getting beat up doesn’t mean it isn’t rape.

I’m not making a case for or against fighting, just stating that both are a valid option.

I would hate for anyone reading this who is living with the fact that they were raped and did not fight to feel they should have done more.

No means no. If a woman decides to stop fighting at any point because she fears physical damage or death – it’s still rape.

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I would play into it – let him undress me and all that and I’d undress him…then when I would break his dick, no joke.

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As my near-sighted granny once said to me, “Always wear a set sharpened dentures in your vageegee, Brianna!”. ;-)

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