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Will you still answer a question if others had already given a much better or the same answer?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) June 19th, 2010

Most of the time in some question(if you’re late) you’ll see that others had already wrote some much better answers or the same answer like you had in your mind. At this situation will you still step in to give you answer? Don’t you feel intimidated/less appreciated by others golden posts?(provided you read the whole thread) Are we really obliged to give better answer to each question?

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If several others have already given the same answer and I have nothing new to add (such as reinforcing with a personal anecdote), I’ll give the question a pass. If there are opposing opinions being expressed, I’ll chime in with the side I support.

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No I don’t think we are obliged to give better answers.
We all have our own opinions on whatever the topic is.
Equally we all have different ideas of how we feel or think the question should be answered.
That is the beauty of Fluther. Such a wide variety of people (and indeed countries).

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Sometimes I’ll do a “I second this answer” especially if it’s something like “is my cat sick” and the answer is “take it to the vet”.

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I’m guilty of passing on a question if what I would have said is already posted. I’m guilty of passing on a question if I feel the post has been answered by (how did you word it)‘golden posts’. I realize that is not fair to the person asking the question.

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I sometimes pass on a question if my answer is already there. There’s no sense to reading the same thing twice.

The exceptions are in times of opinion or polls. Like this. :)

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There are times that someone has given an answer, particularly if the question can be answered with facts, that I get annoyed if people continue to offer opinions. For example, someone asks a question about HIV and Shilolo answers with the facts, I can’t even read the posts that follow wherein folks posit witless opinions. On the other hand, if the additional posts are to help clarify a misunderstanding someone had about the facts, I am cool. I typically would not post after a factual answer has been provided unless I have an additional fact that would support the foregoing correct answer.

If it is just an opinion question, then I think the sky is the limit—everyone has an opinion even if it is to agree or disagree with a previous post to show support.

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Not entirely on topic, but I do wish that there was a “seconded” option just like there is the GA option. Sometimes I click GA meaning “very well put” or “good job sourcing everything in that answer – keep it up” but not necessarily “i agree”. It’d be nice if there was the option to simply say that you agree.

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Yes. Less in “General.”

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Depends on the question and what’s hoppin’ around in my little pee brain, tryin’ to get out.

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If an answer very similar to the one I would provide has already been provided, I usually do not post at all. My regular exception to this rule is if there is someone in distress who may need a bit more prodding than others. For instance, if someone who is about to make a dangerous choice is asking whether they should go through with it or not, I will typically chime in to the chorus of voices saying it is not a good idea. I feel like in a case such as this it is important to have a clear majority of people giving common sense advice in the hopes of avoiding a disaster for the asker. Other than that, if a question has been answered well I tend to move on without giving my two cents.

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@MissA What kind of question? Do you mind to elaborate?

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I give more GA’s then answers. Depends on if I have a different twist to it or just want to hop on the band wagon.

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I try to make sure that all the “pee” has been drained out of my brain before attempting an answer :)

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If I have nothing to add, then I’ll just give GAs to the ones I like and move on to the next question. If I agree with someone but have something else to add, I try to say “I agree with ____” then add what else I want to say.

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@Buttonstc – I am guessing that would be cat pee?

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@Buttonstc And what exactly the word “pee” means?

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@Doctor_D It was a pun on the term “pea brain” that a previous poster had misspelled as “pee.” Pee is a colloquial term for urine.

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@janbb Thank you for explaining. I know what the real “pee” means,I’m just wondering if the user has another meaning for his/her word,maybe metaphorically.

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Sometimes I will summarize if there are several good answers that are already out there. or I just good answer them and move on.

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Redundancy serves little purpose especially on general section questions. Social questions though offer more opportunity to expound on similar thoughts and even put a wicked twist on things already said.

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I pass. Life is too short.

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Not usually. Sometimes I just have to make a comment if someone said something (usually something asinine) that needs to be addressed.

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@Doctor D

No, no metaphorical intent on my part at all Just an opportunistic little stupid quip on someone’s typo. Sometimes it’s hard to pass up a gift like that :)

I’m pretty sure that the other person didn’t have any metaphorical intent either but I can’t speak for them :)

At least, I assume a typo. But who can know for certain the mind of another ?


Well, speaking for my own personal brain, I guess that would be as good a guess as any :) Cats are sneaky little devils, aren’t they ? Who knows what they’re up to whilst we sleep ?

I have no idea what kind of pee might be in anyone elses brain tho.

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I still answer if I have something of relative value to say. Everyone has a different take on a question/issue. It helps to have everyone chime in, I think.

However, if someone gives an incredibly lucid, fantastic response…I’ll just second it and give the kudos to the writer.

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If something I think of hasn’t been said, then yes. If not, then I’ll pass on it. No point in being repetitious.

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About the “pee” inquiries…you’re right, it was a typo. Should have been “little pea brain”. I’m not sure whether it is a colloquialism or a standard saying. But, it WAS supposed to be pea.

As for its meaning…I was using it to compare my brain to the fluther intelligentsia.

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@Doctor_D Here’s your example:

Q: What is the most valuable or helpful
lesson you can learn from life?

A: We’ll never get out of this world alive.

I’d say it wasn’t a very good answer, judging
by my lurve…or lack thereof! But, it was
there…begging to be said. So, there you have it folks.

Communication from my little pea brain.

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I figured it was just a typo but it was just too good to pass up. Why look a gift horse in the mouth ?

It’s not regional but pretty common all over the US Simply means a brain the size of a green pea :)

I believe DD is not from the US so most likely unfamiliar with expressions which we take for granted.

When in doubt, it never hurts to ask :)

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@Buttonstc Thanks. You’re correct on all accounts. I’m always hesitant to make good on ones too good to pass up. I never know whether the humor will be taken the way it is meant. You did good, Sweetheart.

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Well, if someone can’t take a little joke they shouldn’t be spending time hanging around Fluther, ha ha.

I was surprised someone hadn’t jumped on it sooner.

And I would expect the same for any of my egregious typos as well. Typing on iPhone has it’s challenges cuz of the predictive algorithms in the auto-correct feature.

This thing has the nerve to think it knows better than I what I was thinking of.


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@MissA You should know by now that we’re always taking the piss out of each other.

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@MissA Thank you for responding. I appreciate your post.

@Buttonstc Yes,I’m not from US. I personally will understand what “pea brain” means,it’s not that hard to be translated(honestly). I too,have similar expressive words(don’t know what you call it in your country) in my country like “hot headed” means easily angry,“soil smelling” means you’re old,etc. So I don’t ask it on purpose because I didn’t know,but simply for an additional info about it or if you had any personal meaning on it. I understand what your situation anyway.

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Boy, this Q has really gone down the toilet fast, hasn’t it ?

(...looks around to see who’s eligible for a swirlie…)

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IDK – I’m just flush with victory since I bowled you over.

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@Buttonstc Need any affirmation from other people for your opinion,huh?

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Thanks, guys.

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No, if the best or better answers have already been given then no. Why give an inferior answer if the best or better answers than you’ve got have already been given? Unless I haven’t bothered to read the previous answers, then I will throw my 2 cents worth in and sometimes end up looking like a fool.

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No, if the best or better answers have already been given then no. Why give an inferior answer if the best or better answers than you’ve got have already been given? Unless I haven’t bothered to read the previous answers, then I will throw my 2 cents worth in and sometimes end up looking like a fool.


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What opinion ?

I believe that, for this Q at least, I’ve yet to do anything other than goof around.

Eventually I may come up with a useful opinion for this thread, but it hasn’t happened yet so don’t be holding your breath waiting.


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@Button Oh my,whatever you like to do. I don’t think that I’m waiting for your reply. And I just hope that we weren’t trying to offend each other.

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No worries. I was just pulling your leg a little. Just kidding around.

I’m realizing anew how difficult it is to convey tone and intent with just words over the Internet. Then when you add in two separate languages, it gets a bit more complicated.

Here in America the phrase “Dont hold your breath waiting” is just a kidding around way of saying “Dont be expecting too much from me.”

And since I hadn’t contributed one useful opinion in this thread yet ( just a bunch of goofy quips) I was just letting everyone know to expect more of the same goofiness. Anyone expecting anything resembling a serious opinion from me in this thread would be holding their breath for a long time.

When one has to explain a joke, it tends to lose something but I wanted you to understand that I meant absolutely no offense to you or anyone.

I was totally kidding and goofing off without a serious thought in my head :)

It was also a good change from the other two different serious questions I was involved in else where.

Hope that clears everything up

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Well now that I’ve sucked all the air out of the room….

….maybe I’m the one eligible for a swirlie….


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@Buttonstc Poof! The air’s back in. Don’t worry!

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If I don’t have the time to read lengthy previous comments, yes.

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It depends on if it is general or social.
If it is general, and the best answer is already posted, I usually move on.
If it is social, I figure it is an opportunity to come up with something, so I often do.
And then, come to think of it, I piss somebody off.
Maybe I should rethink my policy.

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@josie Aw -we love being pissed off by you!

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Only IF another perspective was not considered, then I would add mine.
Everyone wins, and learns another side of a idea.

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