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What do you do to numb heartache and disappointment?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) June 19th, 2010

Is there any quick fix, method that you use to alleviate the pain?

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Micelobe Ultra Light works for me and i do not drink beer.

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No quick fix but trying to keep busy and hanging out with close friends helps some for me.

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Yes, no quick fix..and…and numbing is not the answer…feeling your feelings will make them pass through you quicker instead of stuffing them down which only causes them to recycle over and over again.

The old mantra…there is no way out but through.

It really works….just allow yourself to deeply feel without running away.

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I look at love/dating like this:
Out of ten people you talk to, establish some deeper interest with and begin to date then 2 will be possible good matches. Out of those two then one of them is chanced to fail because of external circumstances neither of you can overcome in time to build a relationship. There is a lot of heartache and disappointment along the way but when you can build something and enjoy it awhile then it makes all the past not hurt anymore. My opinion.

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Just keep on trucking and time will cure all! the sun does not shine on the same dog’s a** everyday!

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time takes time,
try to learn from the situation you’re
in and not dwell- I know- easier said than done.
staying active, exercising, visiting with
friends and family, among various other things
are some ideas that I have found helpful.
Stay honest with yourself recognizing the facts
of the situation at hand.

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Running and drinking.

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sleep with people to get my mind off the other person…not great advice, just honset advice.

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Single-malt scotch, 50 ml. Repeat as necessary.

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Run away—either physically, emotionally, or using drugs of some kind.

But I don’t do any of those things. I prefer to feel what I feel. I feel virtuous feeling what I feel and people say it’s the best way to handle stuff.

I do not advise numbing, unless you’re having a tooth drilled. For emotional pain, I advise enjoying it. It means you’re alive and doing shit that matters.

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No. There are no shortcuts. you have to go through it and give yourself time to process and integrate.
Hey @wundayatta ! I’ve seen your butterfly twice now. Nice to see you back.

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I bury myself in the internet to keep my mind off of it.

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