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What are some fun things to do when you are bored?

Asked by XoXoDIExOxO (211points) June 19th, 2010

It can go from make a mentos bomb to make up a game with fire (If you can name one thatd be cool) because there are times when I just cant think of stuff to do.So now I have a base of some fun things to do (PLEASE atleast TRY to keep it PG-13)

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Blow something up.

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Off some bitches.

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New rule…just go nuts.But nothing that can get us arrested.I had a friend who said to blow a house up and ride out on a wagon with some dude wailing out on a guitar in the backround…so…

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In an empty lot.

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Go shopping and cook something you love but havn’t had in a long time.

Dig a garden, plant some flowers, drag out some blankets and pillows in the yard and have a lazy sundrenched nap, read a good book or have a picnic for one…with beer or wine of course! lol

Call some old friends, invite someone over for that lawn picnic.

Rearrange your furniture, teach your dog a new trick, go buy some clay and make wacky clay sculptures…...hey…I am giving myself some ideas right now! lol

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Get in your car and go to Goodwill. it will occupy your mind and you just might locate a valuable treasure there. it happens all the time.

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Oops….well…delete the beer & wine suggestion for those PG13 er’s…

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@Coloma its fine.I said try

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Ask questions on Fluther? ~

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Approach a policeman/woman seductively & tell them they look hot in their uniform, touching optional.

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Ok yeah compared to my friend you guys got some decent stuff..But I’m really surprised nobody has thought of filling a pool with jello and playing marco-polo, or geting in weelbarrows to play paintball..I bet you guys didnt know I wanted answers like that haha :D

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That would take a lot of jello.

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When I get bored, I clean out my closet. I found $47 last time, an earring that had been missing for 18 months, and a pair of shoes I forgot I’d purchased.

I’m also working on improving my understanding of Microsoft Excel, which has proven useful.

It takes as much effort to squander your time, as it does to do something productive, so you might as well do something that at least has some residual benefit to it.

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Here’s what you do: get some illigal drugs (pick some you’re willing to get addicted to because that is going to happen) and some stuff you really liked in your youth and still like. Old star trek for me, maybe spice girls for you xD

Invite some friends, or a girl. Get high and nostalgia hard. It will make you feel HAPPY.

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Haha…don’t you just love finding money in your pockets and purses, I just found $20 in a jacket pocket…bonus! lol

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guerilla gardening

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@Coloma, doing the family laundry often paid for itself, too. Biggest haul—$80. I did give it back to my daughter.

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Jump out that window, to your right. Then get in the passenger seat of the black Porsche Cayenne and wait for further instructions.

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Watch @dpworkin off some bitches.

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I thought @dpworkin was an old man…

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if you are alone. have sex if not . . .

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@mrrich724 I was going to mention the work’n jerk’n too, but sometimes that’s lost it’s appeal too.

Go for a walk. Try and go places you haven’t gone before. A trail through the woods, a nice neighborhood.

….and then masturbate there, hehe. ;P

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Go outside and take some nature pictures with a digital camera and post the pics online.

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Actively develop an obsession with a fictitious character, make a shrine or smutty story and well… fap fap fap.

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@py_sue I’ve done that…Then I had to delete them cuz it took up to much room.hehe

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make a flip book, then. Those kill time. :)

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@Zyx ummmmmm have YOU done that??

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A puzzle or a good strategy game

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