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Gullibility?? Is it a lost innocence?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) June 19th, 2010

Ok. I read some questions and ask…...who is really asking that question….young girl….????

I believe people to be true in nature…..but no??

I have always been the true, believing, gullible kind. Probably to a weakness. Are there many of me around?? Or is it 2010 and time to change to be sharp and alert?? It may be why I’m scare to get to close to folks, yet I still believe them to be true, til I find different.

How about you?

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Not as long as there are suckers.

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If someone’s life is that pitifully bereft of meaning and substance to is going to go through the trouble of creating a charade here for their own amusement I am not going to lose sleep over it just move on….don’t mean a thing if they scored one on me.

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Gullible and innocent are not equivalent. And being gullible is a fault. However, there are plenty of you around. America couldn’t function without them.

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Gullibility is something we all strive to outgrow. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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If gullibility wasn’t so common, there would be no such thing as spam.

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oof…..tucking tail between legs. :P

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It’s hard to find a balance between being gullible and being over analitical,
however I agree that being gullible is not synonymous with being innocent.
There is a difference between genuinely not knowing (innocence)
and not using common sense or outside information to make informed beliefs
and just going with whatever idea is presented (gullible)

I think it’s a good idea to give individuals the benefit of the doubt, however
it’s also good to realize that though you may be true in nature, unfortunatly
not everyone is.

It’s good to keep an open heart and mind.
Just as it is good to keep your eyes open.

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Gullibility is retained innocence, not lost innocence.

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I am the same…. I was so gullable some one used me and pretended to me in a relationship with me for a short while…. until they sweet talked me and lied completely to me to get me into bed…. then never heard from them for 2 weeks…. was incredibly stupid… I say, don’t listen to them, look at their actions… if you feel something wrong or not quite right with that person… tell them to hit the road! Having a one night stand was something I never ever wanted to do in life… thats self respect I can’t get back, Dont make the same mistakes i did. xx

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