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Can I use Two iphones with one account?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) June 19th, 2010

My dad recently got an iphone from work (I have one also)
I jailbreak my phone but I occasionally buy good apps
so I was wondering if my dad uses my itunes account on his iphone will he be able to download whatever I purchased with my account???
In other words, can I share one itunes account on two different iphones??
anyone has any idea??

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What is the position of ATT on the subject ?

Have you asked an Apple product specialist ? They usually have the most accurate info.

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I don’t know how to “share” just one or two apps, but I know if you back up one of the iPhones from the settings of the other, you can make the two have just the same contents . . .

For example, I backed up my iPhone. When I get my iPhone4 in the mail next week and plug it in, iTunes will probably ask me “would you like to start a new phone or restore from a backup” so that it’s like I’ve had the same phone all along. . .

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