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Has any good or will any good come from this war ?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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I haven’t seen anything good

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”. . . as effective as the war on drugs.”

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NO! If you call hiked gas-prices, soldiers unnecessarily away from their families, and an ever increasing deficit good, then I would have to disagree. I believe nothing good came from this “war”.

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If we are talking about Iraq , I have been there twice. It was not pretty but I did my job. I helped build schools, clinics, check points and a ass load of other stuff while getting shot at. I think in time something good will come out of this. I feel like my 2 tours served a purpose.

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@hairpalms thank you for my freedom

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all joking aside I rather it be me than our sons and daughters or any of you guys. People forget that we got attacked. Thank you all for the support now let’s get back to having fun!

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and bulba we joined the military. We signed the paper. We knew what we where getting into. It’s not like we woke up one day and dang! WTF ? I’m in Iraq fighting for people who don“t appreciate how good they have it. Thank you all if you do appreciate your freedom and even if you don’t. I will still always fight.

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and 20 o/o of the deficit is for defence

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Thanks Hairypalm for your service. I have a brother in law over there in the military as a Doctor and they are teaching medicine to some people who have not had the advanced medical techniques that we have so that would be categorized as good. He tells me a lot of things that don’t get in the newspapers that would be classified as good.

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I think our next President will in some ways impact the worthiness of this war considering our current Commander-In-Chief has no exit strategy. If we exit gracefully then I think on some levels it will be a success. I am happy we got Saddam Hussein. But nearly 4,000 American lives lost… it makes me shudder. But the success cannot be calculated only by deaths. As some of the posters here have mentioned, there seems to be a lot of good in building up the infrastructure. I guess it’s still “wait-and-see.”

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@hairy- I commend you and all who have served this great land. My step-father is a retired green beret paratrooper, with the 101st airborne. He served four tours in Vietnam, and was gone the whole duration of Desert Storm. In this war he was employed independently, with a company called Dyn-Corp. I meant no disrespect to you, or any other soldier. I appreciate all you (our soldiers) have done. I just feel like this war had a lot of ulterior motives that the american public had no knowledge of.

Once again, THANK YOU!

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I agree bulba. I’m not angry nor resent anything you said. :)

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yes – not to do it ever again

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I don’t think there is any way to accurately ascertain the degree of “good” of any war. Any war inherently combines good with bad. So does the failure to go to war. We cannot possibly total up all of the “good” of any war because we cannot know the “bad” that would have occurred without the war.

Public and historical consensus will not be in for a couple of decades, but even that is merely academic speculation and PR.

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