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Mac OS X 10.5 Question: I am not longer able to unzip some files. I get an "error 1 - operation not permitted" error.

Asked by crisedwards (329points) June 19th, 2010

PowerPC iMac G5. I cannot unzip .zip files (not all, but many) nor other compressed files. Sometimes trying out Stuffit Expander crashes Stuffit. I tried downloading “The Unarchiver” app, but, shockingly, it downloads as a .zip file that I cannot open. Help!

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I wrapped The Unarchiver up in a Disk Image for you. You can download it here.

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So the archives will not open neither by using Finder’s Archive command nor Stuffit Expander? And some archives open and others won’t? I’m guessing that either the archives are corrupted or you might need some directory maintenance. Have you run Disk First Aid on the volume containing the archives?

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