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If you just found out that you only had a week to live what would do for the next 4-5 days?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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Say sorry to all those i hurt, wrongly. Rob a bank, and stash the money for my family and friends. After that, take a different drug everyday, to have all those experiences. And for the final day, get the muscle car of my dreams, smoke a joint, shoot at the cops a couple of times with a rocket luncher (you know, the Triple Luncher one from UT), from there, its just going to be a brash of law breaking, cop car blowing up, and the most dangerous cop car chase scene ever.

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live like I do now everyday may be our last so we should live as if it is we are not promised tommrow

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Probably bawl my eyes out unremittingly, knowing I would not get to see my daughter’s birth, and my wife would be left to raise her, alone.

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do it like the movie crank :P

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@ninjaxmarc i just download that movie tonight

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Nice answer iceblu. By the way, that movie rocks!

I would probably just chill and do things like I normally do. The only thing I would do different is probably eat anything and everything I want. With just a couple of days to live, who cares about extra calories and getting fat. lol

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Make sure I’m right with God then make videos for my kids for different events; first date, first prom, graduation, wedding. And just ok to them about even though I’m not there for these events, I really am

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I would kill everyone that I hate, don’t like , or have a problem with.

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@lightbringer, I wish you a long and healthy life and may I never cause you any grief. :-)

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since, I couldn’t have said it better myself?
I will just second your answer and hope you won’t mind!

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Heck no! As cute as you are, I don’t mind.

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Enhance my glutathione so I could live longer!

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I owuld also eat more ice cream. who cares if I get fat now!!!

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I am going to tell on you cornman for the comments about sccrowell being cute!!!!

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plenty of drugs, partys, and sex. and definitly no time for sleeping, feeling tired, do another line of coke! maybe some deaths and lots of chinese food!

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Spend time with my son, and other loved ones… perhaps reach out to those I’ve lost touch with over the years.

Indulge my senses with good food, and (since I’m currently single) maybe get in touch with some former lovers with whom I shared an intense connection.

I might take a trip to see some places I’ve always wanted to see, or to visit with some of those old friends/lovers.

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I just wanted to say, “thank you” for the compliment. That made a good day, even better!

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Anytime cutie! :-)

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Have a good long wank!!!!

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Take the week off of work and spend all of it making memories for my wife and kids on a vacation.

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get totally blathered in as many different ways as possible

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go to badass metal concert, like killswitch engage and dragonforce, that was the show of a lifetime. And theres nothin like bein in a mosh pit… See old friends if I didn’t have to spend 24 hours flying, thats a waste of time. Blow some stuff up and make some thermite like I always wanted to. Go skinny dipping. Let everyone know how much I love them, and make a video for each one. Go sailing one more time. Plant a tree where I’m going to buried. Finish my homework. And then, on the last day, go skydiving without a parachute. I can only imagine what watching the Earth rush towards is like when you know you can’t stop it.

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Blow all my money away and have a good time!

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Wait never mind. I’d just go crazy on my credit card.

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I would eat smoked beef brisket very slowly, knowing I would never be able to enjoy it again. I would kiss my children so much they would be dripping with slobber. I would go out to the woods, set up a tent and stargaze for a whole night in the middle of a field. I would call everyone I have ever known and say the things that I never said. I would smile, cause even though my life has been short, it has always been full, and I am thankful for every day that I have had.

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get high, buy all the shoes that i want, play with my baby cousins and baby brother, eat all the foods that i can get my hands on, have milkshake and some cake with my mom and dad, punch someone i dislike, scream on a mountain top, read one last book, and dance my last night away with my special someone.

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