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What are some good “eggcorns” you’ve heard or been victim to?

Asked by ipso (4466points) June 19th, 2010

A friend at work said “f’ing egg” a few times before we challenged him on it. He had been misusing that for f’ing A his whole life.

Quite the literal eggcorn example. He was maybe 40yo.

Funny stuff.

As a kid I could not understand for the life of me what the Ohio Players were saying, so I would sing Staring Kojack

I’m not a huge fan of Al Pacino (his BIG speeches in the move Heat (1995) pretty much say it all) but in the movie Donnie Brasco (1997) his character was given some really great eggcorns, if you pay attention. The one I remember is “Pull the wood over my eyes.”

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