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Any good folk pop artists I should know about?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) June 19th, 2010

I saw a concert special on OPB last night with a folk pop duo called Dala. They had a couple others there one named the Good Lovelies and Oh Susanna. I really liked it and I’m wonderinf if anyone knows of any other ones. This might become my new favorite thing.

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Iron and Wine

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Andrew Bird
She & Him
M. Ward
Monsters of Folk
Fleet Foxes (less poppy, more folky)
Local Natives
Yeasayer (What I call “freak-folk”, probably not what you’re looking for)
Sea Wolf
The Decemberists

Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head. Many sound pretty similar, though, so if one isn’t to your liking, I’d wager most of them aren’t as well.

This is going to sound silly, but I’d also suggest The Beatles “Rubber Soul” album as a good example of folk-pop. It was the first thing that popped pun intended into my mind when I first saw this question.

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@dverhey I always thought Zooey Deschael had such a pretty voice, thanks!

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These are all classic folk/pop singers…and some of the best:

Nanci Griffith (with a little Austin flavor)
Joni Mitchell
Joan Baez
Judy Collins
The Roches
Bonnie Koloc
Ani Di Franco
Ben Harper
Holly Near
Janis Ian (pop anthem of my angst-filled youth “At Seventeen”)
Carly Simon (early Carly especially)
James Taylor
Leonard Cohen
Nickel Creek
Judy Collins
John Denver

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Paul Simon, also with Art Garfunkle
Peter Paul and Mary
Bob Dylan

Very old school.

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@py_sue It would be interesting to hear which suggestions you like/dislike/don’t care about/hate.

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Tom Rush
Tom Paxton
Phil Ochs
Richard Thompson
Tim Buckley
Priscilla Herdman
Arlo Guthrie
Eric Bogle

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Yusef Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens.

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Malvina Reynolds
Pete Seegar
Woody Guthrie
Arlo Guthrie
the Roaches
Indigo Girls

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And for that matter – The Weavers if you wnt to go way back.

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@py_sue Most of the artists mentioned above (and more in a similar vein) can be heard on these two radio stations: and Most of these artists were unknown to me in Australia, and they were a great discovery. tends to also include folk-rock, which can be very electric at times. rarely so. Both are fantastic and worth listening to. Another favourite (maybe not what you’re looking for) is Enjoy.

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@Andreas Great links.

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@janbb You’re welcome.

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Joshua Radin (Highly Recomended)
The Avett Brothers
Good Old War
The Tallest Man On Earth
William Fitzsimmons

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Carrie Newcomer, Josh RItter, The Waifs, Great Big Sea…..

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tyrone cotton

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Wow, so many, thanks everyone!
@jaytkay I’ll check’em them out on Sunday and I’ll definately let you know. :)

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The McGarrigles
Canadian sisters, classic folk

Rufus Wainwright
Kate McGarrigle’s son, more on the pop side. It’s him singing “Hallelujah” on the Shrek soundtrack CD but not on the CD of the movie itself. Very soulful voice.

Dierks Bentley
Modern folk/country

Ricky Skaggs
Similar to Allison Krause. Classic Folk/blue grassy

Carolyn Wonderland
Difficult to classify but will knock your socks off. Plays more instruments than I can keep track of. Pop her name into YouTube and listen to the First and Third ones. Does things with a Dulcimer I never thought possible.

Ann Murray
Folk/pop. Smooth voice
The Canadian Songbird

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Okey dokey, I made a list. I’ll look at them all and get back to you. :) Feel free to post some more if you think of them. :)

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Nick Drake is someone I love. His life was too short and he has become a cult figure in the last thirty or so years. Anyone who doesn’t know him, you really, really should check him out. He is incredible.

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Nick Drake is someone I love. His life was too short and he has become a cult figure in the last thirty or so years. Anyone who doesn’t know him, you really, really should check him out. He is incredible.

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