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Is the word as a link working right in yahoo email? see detail.

Asked by flo (12981points) June 19th, 2010

What happens when you do:
for example, in your yahoo email and send it somewhere? Does it change to the here as a link, or does the url (
become a link and the “here“stay there in black?

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I suggest you try it and see.

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are you trying to do this here on fluther or use the same markup somewhere else? Note that the link “here” goes to Fluther’s formatting instructions.

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@anartist yes I tried it in Gmail and yahoo before I asked. All that happens is the url turns it nto a /greyish/blue link. The “here”: stay. I was just trying to see what other people experience. (I didn’t forget the points this time).

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Gmail and Yahoo don’t use the same coding [Textile] so it won’t work there.

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